Stephen King – It Audiobook

Stephen King – It Audiobook

Stephen King – It Audiobook

1986 Stephen King – It Audiobook read by Steven Weber



“It ” … I could embark on a dithyramb to the glory of the Master to thank him for writing this story, but all the superlatives in the world would not be enough to express at its true value my love for this work which is in my eyes, a pearl. Seventh proofreading completed recently, and nothing to do, I never tire of remembering the crazy destiny of the Club des Ratés. This novel is captivating from start to finish, and Stephen King takes care to keep the reader’s attention by constructing his story and revealing the plot in little snatches, a flashback here, we go back to the present, and there we hold a little anecdote from Mike Hanlon to enrich the history of Derry. Stephen King – It Audiobook .

This was my first novel of the great King, and although it allowed me to discover his style of writing “accessible” (I would rather say
without unnecessary heaviness) and very often raw of formwork, I am especially very admiring the talent he employs to transcribe the character of his characters who are described to perfection, their emotions, their thoughts, and in this case, their fears . It’s quite simple, I do not remember having felt such a deep attachment for fictional characters as the one I feel for the members of the Club des Rude.
This little gem contains what the author knows how to do best and that we immediately identify with the different protagonists. I also appreciate the way in which the themes of the fantastic and the horror have been introduced in the service of another predominant theme that will serve as a common thread throughout the story, namely that of the gulf between the perceptions of ‘a child from those of an adult. Obviously, how could we illustrate this change of state of mind even more clearly, other than by the appearances of a psychopathic clown directly from our worst nightmares (and whose salacious interventions sometimes made me laugh) . I can no longer count the most diverse emotions that I have felt throughout its pages, but none of its novels have captivated me as much as “It “. So you will have understood, “It ” is for me a must, a huge crush, I had tears in my eyes and goose bumps when I reached the end point, and it’s something quite extremely rare for me to be reported. I don’t see anything to throw away on the more than 1,500 pages of the paperback edition. Then at the writing level, it is really a literary feat to mix realism and
fantastic, past and present, psychological singularity of the characters, as well as the strength of the group. A real treat to read. A quick word on the television adaptation: it is of course a very watered-down version of the novel, but Grippe-Sou still has a certain allure, especially through the beautiful masterful performance of the charismatic and talented Tim Curry. On the other hand, to compare the film to the book would be a complete heresy. Stephen King – It Audiobook .
The art of our dear storyteller has been to sublimate these moments and put them in his sauce so that his own recipe works wonders. To tell you and tell you again, that “It” scared me, shiver, gloat, laugh, cry, sickened me, terrified me that by reading it, I went through all kinds of things. ’emotions. It is for me, the most accomplished novel of Steevie for its construction of the framework as well as its theme. “It ” is the apotheosis of Terror, a true homage to childhood, with captivating settings and places, a most fascinating story, a fluid reading, a real wonder and a real festival of horror and terror. I strongly recommend this big pavement without exception, because it is the kind of essential novel that you absolutely must read (or have read) at least once in your life. le summum Kingien, an anthology. An absolute and titanic masterpiece. A must, a reference. The Kingian Bible essential.
I miss them already! Bill, Eddie, Richier, Bev, Ben, Mike and Stan: They all became my friends! I liked them all. We would like to be part of their group, hold them very tight against us and thank them for all the happy moments but also the fears they shared with us.

Because “It “, although it is a book of horror, it is also and especially a formidable lesson of love, dedication and courage. “It” is a testimony to childhood, its generosity, its naivety, its sincerity. Stephen King – It Audiobook .

This is my second reading of the novel, 15 years after the first. Looking back and having in the meantime gone through almost all of Stephen King’s bibliography, I have no doubt that this is his best novel.

“It” is the novel that best represents the SK style, a perfect compendium of everything he can do: suspenseful narration, thrills, analyzes and perfect psychological descriptions of his characters, attachment to heroes. In short, an exceptional storytelling talent that very few writers manage to match.

PS 1: fascinating thing, and that only the readers of the “Dark Tower” will understand, it is the evocation and the meaning of the turtle in “It”. When I first read it, I didn’t really understand its role. After reading the Dark Tower, which SK considers to be the “Jupiter of the solar system of his imagination”, I especially understand that the latter began to work and develop the Dark Tower long before its publication. A monstrous work where all his works are found nested one in the other.

PS 2: I loved the many references to Sherlock Holmes, being myself a fervent admirer of the genius of the private detective.