Stephen King – Misery Audiobook

Stephen King – Misery Audiobook

Stephen King – Misery Audiobook

1987 Stephen King – Misery Audiobook read by Lindsay Crouse



An original, dark, disturbing story!

A true psychological thriller, Misery is the eponymous work of the great, the very great Stephen King. So the story begins very well, as in any story written by King in order to install a peaceful atmosphere in an apparently normal family to then contrast the whole with an end often a sign of a horrific and inevitable apotheosis or bloodbath, madness. and others mingle … Here, Misery tells the story of a successful novelist, Paul Sheldon, who, caught in a snowstorm, crashes into a ravine with his car. Fortunately, someone finds it. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook .

It is about a certain Annie Wilkes who is none other than one of his biggest fans and ardent admirers. She will discover the new manuscript of her “hero” which is just another sequel to her great novel dealing with a character in which she has totally identified herself as “Misery”. When she will discover that Misery will find death at the end of Paul’s manuscript, the nightmare will only begin for Paul who in the end would have preferred to stay stuck in this ravine. Once again, Stephen King pulls out of the game by delivering an excellent tale with multiple twists that keeps the reader spellbound from start to finish.
In addition, the novel is perfectly divided between the outside world therefore the environment characterized by the investigation of JT Mac Cain and the interior world that is to say the house of Annie where Paul, having lost for many months the use of his legs and finding himself in a wheelchair, finds himself sequestered with his executioner. In this book, suspense is omnipresent, in particular thanks to terrifying passages and a really neat description from start to finish. Misery is a kind of closed door where the victim and the executioner must live together. Frankly, to imagine gloomy atmospheres, King is the best!

With this major work, Stephen King shares with readers the anguish of the artist and the creator, subjected in spite of himself to criticism, good or bad, professional or illegitimate. He expresses through the character of this captive novelist, the difficulty of remaining FREE TO EXPRESS HIMSELF, being totally serene and detached, in the face of fanatic strangers, who appropriate the works. The authors are sometimes confronted with readers (more or less amiable) who do not hesitate to express their feelings without embarrassment. On the other hand, I am totally amazed by the immense talent of Master King. For these reasons, I can only adhere to his vision, more than alarmist of the phenomenon of transference: (an anonymous who appropriates a text, decides its value, adds his personal discomfort to it and imagines himself having a legitimate right of reward, correction or punishment vis-à-vis the original perpetrator). It is totally absurd and terrifying. Note: For (serious) fans of the Master, when Paul Sheldon is “condemned” to invent a story from a dead end, he uses the famous “Will you know?”, A game that Stephen King played with talent, with his friends, when he was still a child and an amateur …

The film is also great! Rob Reiner is surely one of the few directors to have understood the universe of Stephen King. Calm and snowy landscapes, a small village without problems hiding terrible secrets and characters whose madness is beyond comprehension constitute most of the time the basis of any novel signed by the King. Anne Wilkes played by Kathy Bates is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying portraits in cinema.

His appalling anger and changing mood will terrify more than one. Facing her, James Caan, a famous writer who decides to make a turning point in his career. Hence this legendary psychological duel tinged with violence and madness which will end in a breathtaking and breathless finale. Stephen King – Misery Audiobook .

All of Reiner’s film is based on this duel. Alternating between suspenseful scenes and scenes of pure horror (who did not scream at the torture inflicted at the feet of James Caan), “Misery” is a unique work of horror capable of making a little good woman more monstrous than the devil in person. Troubling and gripping, the film goes to the end of the horror and makes us spend a moment that we are not ready to forget.