Stephen King – Night Shift Audiobook

Stephen King – Night Shift Audiobook

Stephen King – Night Shift Audiobook

‘The threshold of the night’ (Night Shift, 1978), was the first anthology published by the master of terror Stephen King. Although I like the King more in long distances, his know-how is evident in these stories. And is that King is a great storyteller.


These are the twenty stories included in the anthology:


The mysteries of the worm. (*****) A man inherits a house that everyone in the area fears. Great story of lovecraftian dyes.


The last shift. (****) A group of employees are recruited to clean the basements of the factory where they work. Very good story.


Night swell. (*) Story related to King’s monumental novel ‘Apocalypse’. But I didn’t like it at all.


I am the door. (****) An astronaut tells us about the strange events that happen to him. Great story.


The shredder. (****) A laundry ironer is the germ of many accidents. Another great story.


The coconut. (****) A man tells his psychiatrist how he was responsible for the death of his three children. Very good story.


Gray matter. (***) A boy is sent to buy beer by his father. The patrons of the bar will accompany the boy to his house. Good story.


Battlefield. (***) A hit man who has just killed a toy manufacturer receives a very special gift. Good story.


Trucks (****) A group of people is isolated at a gas station, where they are harassed by their vehicles. Very good story.


Sometimes they come back. (**) The protagonist must face the ghosts of his past. Interesting.


Strawberry spring. (**) In a university a series of macabre crimes take place. Interesting.


The cornice. (***) The main character wants to run away with the woman he loves, but she is married to a mob boss. This will propose a bet to you. Good story, although somewhat predictable.


The man with the lawnmower. (****) A man hires the services of a very special lawnmower. Great story.


Basta SA (****) Where the protagonist discovers the most efficient way to quit smoking. Great story.


I know what you need. (****) Where the protagonist discovers that the perfect boy does not exist. Very good story.


The corn boys. (****) A couple traveling by car between large cornfields, faced with a terrible unforeseen event, decides to go to the first town they find. Great story.


The last rung of the ladder. (*****) The protagonist remembers how he played in the barn with his little sister. It is not horror, but it is a great story.


The man who loved flowers. (**) Where we accompany the enamored protagonist on his tour of the city. Good, but predictable.


A goodbye drink. (****) Sequel to King’s great novel ‘The Salem’s Lot Mystery’. Very good story, which is more enjoyed after having read the novel.


The woman in the room. (***) Moving story about a man who attends his terminal mother


Stephen King’s first novel of short stories, a book where he narrates 20 stories, some with great force and very entertaining and interesting and others quite lazy.


Little can be reviewed in a book of stories, only to say that this is the third book by this wonderful author. The stories as I have already said, some are very good but if it must be said that there is no fear, they are rather stories of mystery, intrigue, concern …


If there is something that surprises me about King it is the capacity that he has to create stories, of such a normal and common theme make such a disturbing story.


To highlight one of the stories, I will say “The boys of the corn”, this story has become very famous for the amount of adaptations it has in the cinema, both series and movies, a super interesting story, which will leave you with your mouth open , I had never seen or imagined anything like it!


I like the reflection at the beginning of the book, about fear, since it is something natural in everyone, since all of us at some point have felt this feeling and as many of us like everything related to it.