Stephen King – Nightmares & Dreamscapes Audiobook

Stephen King – Nightmares & Dreamscapes Audiobook

Stephen King – Nightmares & Dreamscapes Audiobook

1993 Stephen King – Nightmares & Dreamscapes Audiobook 24 short stories



Another collection of many short stories, Rêves et cauchemars reaches almost 1000 pages! Suffice to say that there is plenty to do. Stephen King – Nightmares & Dreamscapes Audiobook .

But since quantity does not necessarily rhyme with quality, let’s see in detail what that gives!

01 – Dolan’s Cadillac

In 70 pages, the author tells the story of Robinson, a teacher whose wife, Elizabeth, was killed by Dolan after she testified against him in a lawsuit. And Robinson wants revenge, digging a grave for him and his cadillac …
A story that also works very well given its very short size. We are actually going to follow Robinson’s plan as well as his preparation and the discussions he has with the voice of Elizabeth, whom he imagines is seeking revenge as well. A very good story well done.

02 – the grand bazaar: final

The story takes place in the near future. Howard, a writer, will tell us the story of his brother Robert, younger than him but also much smarter. Robert who also found a city with zero crime rates and even found out why. A miracle solution for the world?
Dealing with the manipulation of nature by Man, this short story (a little over 30 pages) but very well written and its style gives it a real personality. An excellent surprise!

03 – Let the little children come to me

Miss Sidley is a younger school teacher. And she is convinced that Robert, in his class, is actually some kind of monster. After having an accident, she comes back and Robert provokes her again …
Difficult to say more about this news of less than 20 pages. If it starts off a bit simple and looks like pure Stephen King, its ending is interesting and gives it more interest!
04 – the nocturnal raptor

This fifty-page story features Richard Dees (the reporter who wanted an interview with Johnny Smiths in Dead Zone), here looking for a scoop for the inside view. And he is convinced that a vampire is rampant in the area.
So back to the vampire stories for King, who offers here a little story of journalistic investigation whose finale will be surprising. And a story that reads easily and very pleasantly!

05 – Popsy

Less than 20 pages make up this new showcase Sheridan, who is raising children to settle a debt. But one of them is looking for his Popsy, who could well be more than a lost grandpa …
Too short for us to really dwell on it, here is a fairly banal news, although rather well written and which still starts from a good subject at the origin …

06 – It pushes you on

About thirty pages this time for this news which features old people talking about everything and nothing in Castle Rock. And they often come back to the Newall house, which has experienced strange events …
This news had a weird effect on me. Actually, she didn’t really get me excited, but I do admit that her particular style works quite well and that I wish the story she told was more surprising, to fully appreciate it.

07 – the clicker dentures

When he says to stop at a gas station, Bill Hogan comes across a clacking denture. With its little orange feet. Except that it no longer works and the seller leaves it for a ridiculous price. On the way to the router, Bill catches a hitchhiker who threatens him …
As such, King is simply using a fairly well-known prank and catcher here and turns him into a creature of his own. Nothing surprising but it’s well written and it works pretty well. Not a big news but a good little moment.

08 – Dedications

Martha is a cleaning lady in a large hotel. One day, one of her former colleagues sees her unwrap a book. It was written by Martha’s son who dedicated it to it. And Martha says she is partly responsible for this success to come. Why ? She’s going to tell it …
Another news that may surprise as the genre differs from what King usually offers. Moreover, he will specify that he wrote this news, amazed by the number of people with undrinkable characters he met. The result is very intriguing, and well written, over almost 60 pages.

09 – the telephone finger

Howard Mitla has a funny surprise. While watching an episode of Jeopardy, he hears a noise in the sink. On the spot, he saw a finger coming out! And most surprisingly, this finger grows over time!
A very strange story, which could be laughed at, but with King, it quickly turns into madness, and fear. For 50 pages very successful, to my surprise!

10 – basketball pumps

John Tell, sound engineer, works in a famous building. One day, while going to the toilet, he notices some sneakers at the level of the first WC, with two dead flies. The following days and weeks, he finds the same ones but with a bigger and bigger mountain of dead critters. What is hiding in the toilet?
Born from King’s desire to tell a story of haunted toilets, here is a text of about fifty pages rather pleasant, but not really striking. A story that can be read, but does not add much.
11 – A group of hell

Clark and Mary are on vacation in Oregon. But they get lost on the way and find themselves in the small town of Rock’N’Roll Heaven, a town that seems inhabited by dead rockstars …
A little news which is especially worthy of its many references to Rock which gives it all its originality, while its narration is quite classic, and even quite expected. But it’s still nice to read!

12 – Home birth

A woman is expecting a child. Her husband was killed and she is therefore preparing to welcome him alone. Shy, she always relied on her husband for her choices. Meanwhile, the dead are emerging from their graves all over the place …
And here’s a short story that ends with a little taste of Simetierre Amis which actually turns out to be quite different and sees a woman take flight. A very pretty story … with zombies!

13 – The rainy season

A couple travel to Willow, Maine. They meet an elderly couple there who tells them that they would do better to leave, the city experiencing, every 7 years, a toad rain. Of course, the couple still goes to the city …
Short and not the most interesting, this news is probably one of the weakest in the collection …

14 – My pretty pony

A man, grandfather, feels his death approaching. While he is with one of his grandsons, Clive, he gives him his watch and goes to talk to him about the nature of time, about what he himself has seen on the subject.

A news which changes greatly from the usual King genre but which is very pleasant to read. Very touching and pleasant too. It is difficult to say more, it is a long dialogue made of reflection on the passing of time.

15 – Sorry, Right Number

This is a short film script, or episodes of TC series. A woman is on the phone when she receives a consultation call. It is a scared and anguished call. She is convinced that she recognizes the voice and that it comes from her family but the call cuts …
A touching story here (for the little that we know to go beyond the scriptwriting), which can be a little scary in its first part then it arises so that we understand its real issues. A good story!

16 – The Tribe of Ten Leads

A man, a former heavy smoker who quit and ended up resuming, at a much lighter pace, one day sees that one of the high places in his company appears to be a monster. On the verge of screaming, he is stopped by a man who will explain to him that only people like, whom they call The Tribe of Ten Leads, can see them. Monsters who occupy the highest places in the world …
If there is clearly a side “Invasion Los Angeles” in this news, the result is far enough away to be as surprising as it is pleasant to read!
17 – Crouch end

Written for a magazine tribute to Lovecraft, this short story therefore multiplies the references and adopts a style similar to the famous writer. And the whole while making dialogue two police officers discussing the disappearance of tourists who would have been lost in Crouch End, but whose wife would have evoked the presence of an indescribable monster.
Not a crazy originality, this news draws its interest from its link with Lovecraft necessarily. And in that, she is quite good.

18 – Mapple Street House

Trent, his sister and his mother move to the house of their tyrannical stepfather. But as time goes by, the walls turn into steel and they discover a countdown. So ? An explosion or a rocket?
Here is a mix between a story of a haunted house … and a story based on very childish desires, while talking about their fears. it stirs a lot and if the result is not perfect, here is a very nice story!

19 – the fifth quarter

A man wants to avenge one of his friends, victim of three dishonest accomplices during a robbery …
A story not necessarily common for King, who delivers here a short short story, and not really the most interesting of the collection, even if it can be read without frowning either. There was surely the potential to do better despite everything …

20 – the doctor solves the riddle

While an anthology pasticating the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is born, Stephen King decides to write a short story featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson. And the good doctor is going to tell us about the one time he solved a case faster than Sherlock …
And with this essay, King simply writes a very good story that perfectly reflects the style of the original author! And this even if we sometimes detect the style of King. An excellent surprise despite everything!

21 – Umney’s Last Case

A tribute to the novels of Ross McDonald and Raymond Chandler, this story in which a creation opposes its creator (a character in the author’s novel) is very interesting. And if it struggles to start, it is then frankly fascinating, and relevant both in terms of King’s career and in its subject. Great news!

22 – the beggar and the diamond

King adapts here a parable that was told to him by an Indian friend. He then replaces the Indian characters with God and Uriel. A rather pretty and very short story (4-5 pages) on the little pleasures of everyday life, which perfectly ends this collection!

A collection that keeps its promises very well by showing once again different facets of the King. With 22 short stories, but also notes just before the final parable, Stephen King – Nightmares & Dreamscapes Audiobook . returning to the genesis of several of the short stories presented, we find everything you need on nearly 1000 pages! Not perfect, of course, but fun!