Stephen King – Storm of the Century Audiobook

Stephen King – Storm of the Century Audiobook

Stephen King – Storm of the Century Audiobook

While the storm rages on the island of Little Tall Island, a strange individual by the name of André Linoge murders a resident … Discovering this massacre, a young resident runs to warn the city of his macabre discovery.

This assassin, just sit there, seeming to be waiting for something or someone.

While the authorities stop him, he follows them without opposing resistance.

This man knows all the good and all the bad of every inhabitant, which is very bad. Several murders are perpetrated, and each time one and the same sentence returns: “Give me what I want and I will go”.
This book is written in the style of a scenario, whose narrator is none other than … and yes, Master Stephen King, of whom just by mentioning this name we already know what to expect. Stephen King – Storm of the Century Audiobook .
Incomparable author of cult works like “Shining”, “Christine”, “That”, “Misery” and so on, then very often brought to the screen, is and will remain the Master of the genre.
With “The Tempest of the Century”, he signs a book that will take you to an island, whose arrival of a strange man, André Linoge, a Frenchman, will upset the quiet life of its inhabitants.
As usual, Stephen King plunges us into a universe where good fights against evil.

Each of the characters except André Linoge, will have to question themselves, their past mistakes revealed to everyone, which will create suspicion and mistrust among the inhabitants of the Island.

Strange suicides as well as murders will lead them to make a painful choice. Accept or not the proposal of this man, who came to seek something specific …
The fact that the plot takes place on an island adds to the unease, and the fact that the storm is raging prevents all occupants from leaving it.

It’s a small island, where everyone knows everyone and yet many people have things to hide.
This novel-script is served with impeccable style, a nice touch of raw humor and always that sense of pathos that makes the characters sink into despair, fear and ultimately chaos. the Master knows the recipe for our deepest nightmares, always knowing how to use this gift with delight, for our greatest pleasure by giving us the satisfaction of our love of the macabre.
This little gem had been designed to be adapted as a mini-series.

the genius had reused the small paragraphs that we also find in “Peur Bleue”, something which usually changes us from conventional books. A dreadful closed-door that I recommend without any reservation.
A storm is approaching Little Tall Island, a small island in Maine. Storms, the islanders have already seen them and they know how to stick together when necessary.

“And we are able to keep a secret, when necessary. This is what we did in 1989. The people who live here have not opened their mouths. »(P. 27) This sentence is spoken by the narrator, Mike Anderson, at the beginning of his story, but after the storm has passed for several years.

So what did the inhabitants of Little Tall Island hide after this famous storm? Who is André Linoge, this stranger with the silver-headed cane? And why does he keep repeating, “Give me what I want, and I’ll go.” (P. 106) Yes, what does Linoge want, this sinister creature that arrived at the same time as the storm? How does he know all the secrets, all the shame and all the guilt of the inhabitants? As the turmoil rages on, Linoge sets the Ilians face to face with their sins, drives them mad and pushes them to do their worst, repeating that he wants to be given what he wants.

The outcome of the storm will be tragic, the unleashing of the elements being only a breeze with regard to what will play out in the room of the town hall, when the inhabitants will be confronted with the most sinister choice of their existence.
I remember seeing the film with my brother: we were all kids then, but we have hilarious memories of watching it. the acting was atrocious and the staging no less bad.

But to discover the scenario, I am especially nostalgic for a time when we watched the worst girls together, crying with laughter. To speak of the text itself, I salute the mastery of Stephen King: he knows his Bible, especially the chapter of Revelation which, etymologically, means “revelation”. This is what is happening here: the Ilians see their secrets revealed, then their fears and their cowardice. Stephen King – Storm of the Century Audiobook .

Finally, between solidarity and survival, the choice will be dramatic and Linoge, as a solitary rider, carries out his macabre task.