Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Audiobook

Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Audiobook

Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Audiobook

Trisha suffers yet another argument between her brother and her mother. This time, the argument erupted during the weekly outing. To get away from the screams and relieve a pressing need, Trisha leaves the path and walks away into the woods. A few steps in the wrong direction and there she is, alone, at nine, in a forest she does not know, with a meager snack and a walkman with already flickering batteries. Hours become days and Trisha despairs of finding the world. “If she had cried, she wouldn’t have been able to convince herself that she wasn’t afraid. Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Audiobook .

If she had cried, anything could have happened. »(P. 35) Red Sox cap on her head, bag on her back and headphones screwed to her ears, Trisha only has the radio to hang on to hope, following the matches of Tom Gordon, her football player. favorite baseball. “If Tom Gordon saved them, he would save him too. (P. 91) But all this is far from sufficient when it comes to warding off hunger, thirst, mosquitoes, the night and the Thing, this creature that roams around Trisha without deciding to attack. “The forests are full of all kinds of things that you hate, things that you fear, that make you disgusted, that do all they can to fill you with an excruciating panic that makes you dumb. (P. 34) What will become of Trisha in these unknown woods?

Stephen King definitely deserves his title of master of horror. Starting from a sadly banal story – a little girl lost in the woods – he creates an agonizing atmosphere by pulling on very simple strings. The only monsters in the story come out of a child’s frightened imagination, and terror grows with hunger and fatigue. Brought down to the level of what a nine-year-old can endure, this already frightening experience becomes downright traumatic. “I’m just a little girl, you can’t ask too much of me. (P. 232) And the reader who follows Trisha step by step cannot fail to jump at each branch that cracks. As in Cujo where a nice doggie becomes a bloodthirsty monster, Stephen King turns reality around to make it the setting for a macabre tale. The simplicity of the process should in no way make one think that the story is simplistic: I would like to see you, you, lost and destitute in a forest tens of kilometers from any human being …

“The Little Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” is a true page turner, served as a very endearing main character. The basic idea is just perfect: a nine-year-old girl named Trisha MacFarlane, lost in the woods of Maine that doesn’t Maine anywhere, and whose only connection to the civilized world is baseball shows via her walkman.

The most interesting aspect about this novel is indeed the detailed descriptions of the thoughts and especially the feelings of the protagonist from beginning to end. It is this force at the heart of this book that is extremely well done and very well mastered. The heroine goes through so many tribulations, that when she approaches the end of the journey, it is the emotion in each of us readers-readers that is at the rendezvous. The author describes perfectly and with genius the thoughts that cross the mind of a little girl: fatigue, terror, hunger, thirst, despair and hallucinations, while literally bringing us into psychology of all the characters. the Master depicts us the superficial anxieties at first, then one thing leading to another, deeper and tapping. The end of the plot, with the fall and the turnaround, is pleasantly surprising. A captivating, engaging and effective book that you can read in one go without being able to close it before having finished reading it. A story written with so much mastery that breathes new life into the Kingian bibliography from our virtuoso storyteller Stephen King. An excellent horror-psychological novel. A total success. I recommend it.
279 pages, anxieties and concerns for Trisha.

There is no need for a serial killer, a contagious disease or an incredible context here… just a little girl and a drill, no need for more with Stephen King. Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Audiobook .

Trisha is just amazing, I don’t think that at her age I could have been as resourceful, cold-blooded and resourceful as her.

King’s description of this forest is incredible, he simply brought it to life – at times helping and generous, at times ruthless and destructive.

Once again, King proves to us that he can do the worst to his characters, no matter how old they are… and when I say the worst is really the worst !!! Until the end, I stuck with my book, Trisha’s survival, the mechanisms she put in place to survive… King is by far the master of describing the human mind.

SHORT… like all Stephen King court, it’s really very very intense !! For us French, baseball games are a bit unusual, but that doesn’t take away from the addictive side of this reading.


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