Stephen King – The Regulators Audiobook

Stephen King – The Regulators Audiobook

Stephen King – The Regulators Audiobook

Fans of Stephen King, you probably know that some of his novels were published under a pseudonym, Marche or Crève for example, or Rage.
For the others, here is a point of culture: if you ever hear about Richard Bachman, take a jaded air by declaring “oh yes, the pseudonym of Stephen King”.

Believe me, you will earn points from the Master’s followers!
If I speak of Richard Bachman, you will understand it, it is of course because he is the author of the Regulators! Oh yes, by the way, little digression: Stephen King published under his real identity (beware of the risk of schizophrenia) the novel Desolation. This is the same story as The Regulators with the same characters, except that their fate is significantly different. I can’t tell you how different it is having not read Desolation. If anyone has read both, I would be curious to have their opinion on the matter.
Let’s not procrastinate any longer, and let’s get to the point. Stephen King – The Regulators Audiobook .

When I started reading Stephen King, I realized after a few years that I had to draw up a graduation scale:
1) Goosebumps Level (Yes, I read Goosebumps and yes, some stories made my hair stand on end … especially one with an evil sponge … or a potato, I don’t know more): for example, the year of the Werewolf, the Part of Darkness fall into this category.
2) Slash movie level: Among this category I would put Carrie, Misery … the story is not terrifying in itself, but there are parts that made me shudder (the prom scene in Carrie , and the mower scene in Misery … those who read it will understand me, others, I invite you to read my review … a little promo never hurt)
3) Paranormal Activity level: I had nightmares just watching the trailer! So, Salem, Shining, Danse Macabre fit perfectly into this category!
4) Clown level: Do I need to explain the name of this category? Ca, Christine AND the Regulators fall into this category.
Everyone reacts differently to reading a Stephen King. Your scale will probably be different from mine. But I can tell you one thing: I was so scared when I read The Regulators that I never wanted to read it again!
It all starts like any American series. A quiet town with characters having their own demon.
At the beginning, we get to know the protagonists through the eyes of a child, that of a newspaper delivery man. He describes to us with his thoughts the residents of the town of Wentworth. Everything changes when a car armed to the teeth wreaks havoc in the city.
A crossover with another Stephen King book, Desolation.
It’s a wink, another way of seeing the story of Désolation while bringing it a new and different perspective.
The universe is still so threatening, it features a child who is still the “hero” or at least the main character. Villains are cartoon heroes, interesting ideas to bring a child’s world to the real world. I liked the end although I would have liked another :).
To be read separately or in conjunction with Desolation. Stephen King – The Regulators Audiobook .
They are, just like in Salem, ordinary people confronted with a supernatural threat (which would explain my fear), who will have to ally themselves to survive. I can’t tell you more, because I read about ten years ago, but I highly recommend it.
A little anecdote: for those who have read Rose Madder, one of the characters in the novel is in Les Régulateurs.