Stephen King – The Tommyknockers Audiobook

Stephen King – The Tommyknockers Audiobook

Stephen King – The Tommyknockers Audiobook

1987 Stephen King – The Tommyknockers Audiobook read by Edward Herrmann


Okay, you know Stephen King. You know that this one likes to take his time to set up his decoration and his pawns. The Tommyknockers is no exception to the rule, since with its 900 pages, the author will really go there quietly to reveal the heart of his story. the novel is divided into three distinct parts which may seem quite uneven to you, but the King is strong. It will make you turn the pages with an obsession that correlates with what the characters experience in this story.
The first part plunges us into the discovery that Bobbi, alias Roberta Anderson, will make in the woods just behind her house. This one gets tripped up in a strange shape of steel rising out of the ground and it is the beginning of the nightmare for the inhabitants of Haven. Stephen King – The Tommyknockers Audiobook .

Without realizing it, Bobbi is caught by the tommyknockers and so are we … We quickly suspect what this strange shape emerging from the earth could be, but make no mistake, the King is not going to tell us about an old invasion of extraterrestrials that we would have already seen, well almost …

“Late last night and the night before
Knock! Knock! at the door – the Tommyknockers
The Tommyknockers, the batting spirits …
I would like to go out, but I dare not
Because I’m too scared
of Tommyknocker ”

As I said, the King takes his time and will immerse us, as usual, in the village of Haven and the lives of its inhabitants who are starting to be turned upside down by the discovery of Bobbi. The tommyknockers take action and seem to take possession of the minds and bodies of the villagers. Stephen King gives voice to each of them and it is at this point that the novel may lose some. We are not going to lie to each other, but the author may be doing a little too much and talking to us about inhabitants who do not necessarily add much to his story. But, the King plays with words and each of them will be an open door for thought and I can guarantee The Tommyknockers is pretty rich in thematic. Who says alien invasion, says fear of the unknown and the enemy. The author will discuss this fear that has raged among the American population since the beginning of the Cold War and the communist threat. There is this fear of conflict and even more nuclear which will have an important part in this story. If the impact is a little less today, we must admit that Stephen King’s novel must have had an effect at the time. The strength of this story also comes from the fact that the master of horror gives voice to the working and middle classes of the United States and not to his armed force.
The Tommyknockers is also a work on the obsession that gnaws at human nature. From the discovery of this object emerging from the earth, Stephen King applies to tell us about this human characteristic that can lead us to the worst. Bobbi no longer seems to control anything once she is in contact with this ship and it will be the case for the others as well. Between state of consciousness and letting go, the inhabitants of Haven will give free rein to their inclinations. I also have the impression that the King is talking about him, his problems with alcohol, drugs, his descent into hell, but especially his redemption. Interest in this vessel becomes an obsession for all, like an allegory of addiction that deprives individuals of their personality, turns them into monsters.

What really appealed to me about reading The Tommyknockers are the different passages where Stephen King talks about the transformation, the mutation and the physical and psychological evolutions of the inhabitants of Haven. We feel, through these numerous scenes, a sincere love on the part of the author for Bis cinema, organic matter, for practical effects and graphic violence. It’s simple, with his sometimes cinematic writing, King manages to make us smell the odors of the bodies and feel the slightest texture that changes before our astonished eyes. Between the headaches, the sweating, the loose teeth with the blood that goes with them, the master of horror is not stingy in detail and I think it was a long time since I had read a King also crappy and also disturbing. Stephen King sold me dreams in this novel by succeeding in mixing graphic horror with its little notes of humor, which keep us coming back for more. Stephen King – The Tommyknockers Audiobook .

You will understand, if you are a fan of this kind of transformation in the cinema, The Tommyknockers will happily satisfy you. One can only imagine what would become of this story in the hands of a Cronenberg or a Carpenter …