Stephen King UR Audiobook

Stephen King UR Audiobook read by Holter Graham 2009

Stephen King UR Audiobook
Stephen King UR Audiobook

Wesley Smith, an English professor at a University in Kentucky, decides to update himself and buy a Kindle. Due to a slight error entering his credit card, he receives a pink Kindle (although the Kindle is only white).

Eventually he will realize that this Kindle was actually intended for another Wesley Smith, from a parallel universe. Stephen King UR Audiobook .

Smith’s Kindle has a special feature called “UR” that can search data from multiple universes. Smith thus discovers 4 “new” books by Ernest Hemingway, books he wrote in another dimension in which Ernest lived for 3 more years.

Wesley also discovers another function about newspapers published in a parallel world.

Smith tells everything to a friend as well as a student. The three try to connect to the newspaper in a parallel dimension, but realize, horrified, that a single newspaper has not been published this day. They discover that, in this other universe, the world ended when Cuban missciles sparked nuclear war.

Using the UR feature on his Kindle, Smith also discovers that an entire bus of students will perish in a few days in a river, following an accident caused by the drunk driver. He searches for the driver and prevents the students from dying. He got there, but will find that only he and his two friends will know about it.

But he is wrong.

On his return, he realizes that scoundrels in yellow coats are waiting for him, and want to punish him for having used the prohibited function of the Kindle.

He tries to convince them, claiming that this change had to take place: how else could he have gotten this Kindle? The argument does not convince them, and they simply decide to take the Kindle away from him, to prevent him from doing it again … leaving Wesley, alone, to wonder about the world he thought he knew .