Stephenie Meyer – Midnight Sun Audiobook

Stephenie Meyer – Midnight Sun Audiobook

Midnight Sun Audiobook (Twilight# 5) – Stephenie Meyer





Thirteen years earlier, I discovered the story of Bella, seventeen who came to settle in Forks and met Edward Cullen and his family. Who would have known at the time that it would trigger the urge to read, read and read again. Certainly not me. And yet, thirteen years later, my library proves the opposite. Unlike some, who today are almost ashamed of having loved Twilight, this one still has its place in my heart and when I think back, it’s like it was yesterday. So of course, when I heard about the release of Midnight Sun – that we expected more – I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I absolutely had to.


Midnight Sunis Twilight, from Edward’s point of view. And contrary to what one might think, it is not at all the same thing. Already because this beautiful brick contains nearly 800 pages, but also and above all because the author, Stephenie Meyer offers us a whole bunch of unpublished passages. Because who says Edward’s point of view, says that we have access to all the thoughts of the other characters and especially the Cullen family. Personally, I was really excited to learn more about Edward and them.


Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. I was apprehensive about rediscovering history thirteen years later. Because at 15, we don’t have the same expectations as at 28. And I admit my one and only rereading of the series dates from … 2008. In fact, I am one of those people who rarely reread their coup of heart. First of all because my PAL is big enough like that, but above all because I remember everything, so I can easily remake the book just by thinking about it. Since then, my reading tastes have changed somewhat, but against all odds, I had the same impressions as thirteen years ago. I immediately got back into the mood, I reconnected with the characters and let myself embark on the story without any problem.


To be inside Edward’s head is both fascinating and intriguing. We can feel how tortured he is by his condition and his choices. So much so that it can sometimes take a long time to decide on the right thing to do. Certainly it may seem “slow” but me, I find that it fits the character well. His lost humanity plays into his decisions and I found it to reflect that well. Of course, the “I’m watching Bella H24” side is quite weird and sounding slightly psychopathic, but since her thoughts aren’t “bad” I think it goes. Like the cover, he’s like a grenade on the The


big advantage of being in Edward’s head is that you have access to the thoughts of the other characters, and that is really a plus! I loved discovering the character a little bit Angela, I’m still a fan of Alice and Emmett, I still find Mike infuriating and even more so now, Jacob would become almost bearable (only in this book!), Rosalie as for her is even more jealous than I am thought and finally Carlisle and Esme are love affairs of parents. Honestly, I didn’t think I would enjoy Stephenie Meyer – Midnight Sun Audiobook so much. Every little moment at the Cullens’ is either super funny or so serious that you can feel that tension there. The Edward / relationship Alice is really beautiful, I like this link they have regarding E mmett, I loved discovering him a little more, he who has a secondary role in Twilight.


Many authors have tried the exercise. Rewriting history from another point of view is a double-edged sword. Either it passes or it breaks. And quite often, for me, it’s a total flop, sometimes even going to spoil my point of view on both versions. But Stephenie Meyer succeeds brilliantly and comes out like a queen. I didn’t feel like I was rereading Twilight from A to Z, but rather to discover everything we had missed with Bella’s point of view (which I still love so much). While reading Midnight Sun, I thought to myself that this volume really complements the initial series. We learn so much more about Edward and the others. Including how they got into the Cullen family. I find that it really allows you to get even more attached to them and to understand a little more their choices and what makes them like that.


Some scenes really stand out from the novel, I think in particular of that of the clearing (in its entirety) which allows us to learn much more about Bella, since Edward asks her questions not being able to read her mind, the one with Carlisle, and the first one. Christmas they celebrate together or even following the hunt for James and the gigantic organization that the Cullens had to implement to justify “this accident”. Finally, the visions of Alice throughout the beginning, which we did not know existed and which causes a lot of tension among the Cullens.


You will understand, I loved Midnight Sun ! It brings a whole new life to Twilight and I find it interesting to dive into it after so many years. Finally, we have more perspective on the story and what happens there and comes to bring a more mature vision of the story since Edward keeps his side “old games” of the time.


My only regret ? Let Stephenie Meyer not write the other books from this point of view. Because with volume 2 in which Edward is not with Bella, I think we really would have had something to learn more. But hey … we have to be right. In any case, one thing is certain, I recommend this reading to lovers of the series!