Stephenie Meyer – New Moon Audiobook

Stephenie Meyer – New Moon Audiobook

New Moon Audiobook – (The Twilight Saga Book#2)




I saw the movies before deciding to listen Stephenie Meyer – New Moon Audiobook . I hesitated a lot before starting to read it because the story as I saw it in the movies meant nothing to me. As I could not get hold of the 1st volume, I started with the second part (yes I know, it’s weird ^^). Bella’s depressing and suicidal attitude has always irritated me, even in the movies, and the first few chapters of Temptation didn’t change my mind. She thinks that she is a walking disaster, that she is ugly, that she is uninteresting, she does not understand what her vampire finds her, in short, it is exasperating. As for Edward, I never liked him. I find this character too bland, even uninteresting. Besides, I tried to read in Bella’s descriptions of the qualities that this vampire might have, apart from the exaggerated superficial beauty, there are none.

Then comes the part about the breakup, and that’s where I start to hang. the book may have flaws, but I admit that the break is described perfectly. Having been there myself, I immediately identified with Bella’s grief. Nightmares are real (In my own nightmares, the person who left me refused to talk to me and ignored my existence, when I woke up my pillow was wet), the gaping hole in the chest thatkeeps talking about StephenieMeyer is there, it’s not an exaggeration, I often had trouble breathing thinking of my lost love. After a breakup, just like Bella, we ask ourselves the questions: “How long was this going to last?” “But what if the tear doesn’t heal?” “. And just like Bella, we find our Jacob one day, but we don’t want to cheat, we can’t help it, love can’t be controlled. No matter how well we know our Jacob is perfect and our Edward is a jerk (But Bella will never think Edward is a jerk, and that’s where I find her ridiculous), we continue to cherish him.

Now let’s talk about Jacob. Let’s say in my review (3 out of 5 stars) one star is given for the perfect description of the breakup, the other two stars are there for the most part for Jacob: this character is gorgeous. We really want to be friends with him and slap Bella so she will finally wake up! He clings to the person he loves without expecting anything in return, but unlike Bella, this young man has self-esteem, which is what keeps him from keeping his promise to always stay. Bella’s friend no matter what. I am fascinated by the Quileutes, their sense of humor and their human (animal?) Warmth. Besides, I prefer werewolves to vampires, except when it comes to Damon Salvatore, it’s different;). Anyway, I’m stuck until Alice arrives, and then excuse me for the term, it’s getting boring. I find it difficult to advance in the reading, it’s devoid of interest, it’s slow. And then I’m angry with Bella: no loyalty to Jake! It’s bordering on disgusting the way she reveals her werewolf secret to Alice and abandons her when he just saved her life and tries to protect her from Victoria.

I will not sprawl on the intrigue which is frankly far-fetched: Edward going to Italy to provoke the Volturi to kill him because he thinks Bella committed suicide. And of course Bella is going to jump on the first plane and save her blood drinker as Jake would say. Then come their reunion and there frankly, this girl infuriates me: no self-esteem, no dignity, no personality, it’s disgusting.

I almost forgot Charlie. I admire this man who struggles as best he can to be a good father, to be present alongside his daughter. Bella doesn’t even realize it though. She does everything to make life difficult for him, and to top it off, she gives him ultimatums at the end of the book. Another thing that annoys me is that she didn’t think for a single second of her father when she made the decision to turn into a vampire, it’s like the people who loved her were the one. least of his worries. Of course, in Bella’s world, except Edward mattered. It’s ridiculous.

In conclusion, I find it a waste that Meyer has spent so much time on the break (say 2/3 of the book) and that in the end the only lesson we learn is that to recover his ex, you have to cry day and night, withdraw into yourself, attempt to commit suicide, kneel down, crawl and at the same time behave like a rag, and finally tell our ex how miserable our life has been. absence, this ex who will finally be consumed with guilt and who will decide to take us back. But wake up Bella! If you want to get your lost love back (by the way I’m not even convinced it’s worth it), you have to love yourself first! You don’t live for him, we live for yourself, period. You must rebuild yourself, with the little that you have but you must do everything for. Telling him that without him you are nothing will only make him flee more by saying to himself “but what is this big ball? “. Go out, flirt, grow up, discover new things, find your own personal projects and this is where you will become desirable and maybe even realize that eventually you should be with someone who makes you happy, or this is not the case for this one. With that, I’m still curious to know the rest, and it’s especially for Jacob J.