Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Audiobook

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Audiobook

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Audiobook
Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Audiobook



Twilight (Twilight) is the first of a series of novels of the same name. The series has so far four numbers. [1] [2] [3] A fictional romantic novel about vampires, this series was written by Stephanie Meyer and this first issue was published in 2005. The Arabic translation was published on June 5, 2009 and is a translation and proofread by Al Harith Al Nabhan.

The novel tells the story of Isabella Swan (Bella) seventeen-year-old who moved from Phoenix in Arizona to Forks in Washington state, where she finds her life in danger when she falls in love with vampire Edward Coleen, this number is followed by another novel from the same series under the title Moon new.
Summary of the novel

The novel begins with the move of Bella Swan from the sunny city of Phoenix to Rainy Forks to live with her father, Charlie Swan. She did this to allow her mother to travel with her new husband, Phil Doerr, who is a professional baseball player. She was waiting for her new school and at the same time worried about her new world and whether or not she would be able to make friends. Despite her extreme shyness, she quickly met Mike Newton and Eric Yurty. When she was sitting in the classroom next to Edward Coleen, she felt his hostile actions towards her without any reason. He even tried to change the subject he was studying with her to avoid it, leaving Bella at the top of the amazement, wonder, and condemnation of his behavior. When a truck almost ran over her in front of her school this morning, Edward rescued her with his incredible physical strength, which the truck defended. There were many situations when she felt that Edward was not an ordinary person and the latter had repeatedly warned her that he was a “bad person”, but it was better for her to stay away from him, but she refused to listen to him.

Her classmates tried to ask her to accompany her to a dance party organized by the school. But she refused, claiming that she had important things to do in Seattle. And when Edward realized that she was not accompanying anyone, he asked her to accompany him to Seattle.

The friendship between them intensified until one day she went to La Push Beach with friends of the school, and she met a family friend, Jacob Black, who told her ancient legends about that city, where there are vampires, and also human wolves aimed at protecting humans from vampires Blood. Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Audiobook . Then I realized, with a lot of evidence in her mind, that the Edward Cullen family were vampires. But this did not change her feelings towards him. Where she was attracted to him strongly, regardless of anything receptive to any situation would be. Until I realized that Edward Cullen and his family are nothing but vegetable vampires, that is, they do not drink human blood but rather animals, a sense from within them of their refusal to be monsters killing humans. But this does not prevent how Edward feels fear for Bella whenever he approaches her for fear that he will lose control of himself and kill her. But his love for her made him fear for her from himself, so he vowed to protect her and not harm her.

The relationship began to intensify and the life between them was quiet, I got to know Edward’s family and felt that they were not alien to them, nor they considered it alien to them, and his family was as follows Colleen, his adoptive mother, Carlyle Coleen, his adoptive father, Alice Coleen, his adopted sister, Rosalie Hill, his adopted sister, Jasper Hill, his adoptive brother, Emmett Coleen His adoptive brother .. Except Rosalie Hill there was a tension in their relationship, due to Rosalie’s fear that her brother Edward would lose control of himself and behave unlike what they had to do as a botanical family.

At the beginning of spring, there was an opportunity for Bella to go out with the family to have a good time in the middle of the jungle, playing baseball with great freedom. Until a group of three vampires came to their city, specifically to their place, they heard the voices of people playing baseball and their goal was to feed on them, until they found them vampires, too, except .. “Bella” The group was made up of two young men and a girl among them a young man named James who is a vampire Hunted, meaning that he loves to hunt prey from humans .. chase them, besieges them, tortures them, and whoever kills them. He decided to hunt Bella for fun, the Cullen family decided to split into two groups, one working to smuggle Bella out of town while the rest were trying to catch James or divert him away from Bella. But James was also smart and decided to hunt her mother or deluding Bella that he might hunt her mother and might kill her in the event that he did not see Bella in the agreed upon place on time. It was just to catch her .. He did not kidnap her mother .. Rather, what I heard was only recorded on videotape from Bella’s childhood. Indeed, he tortured her in his own way, by stirring her fear and pain and then “biting” her. This was his attempt to kill Bella or turn into a vampire like them. Edward saved her in the last moments and pulled the poison from her body before it spread .. When everyone returned to Forex Bella asked Edward to make her a vampire to live with him always, but Edward completely rejected the idea of ​​taking her soul in exchange for immortality. In the second part, Edward decides to leave the town and the Bella paradox forever and warns her against any reckless act. Meanwhile, her relationship with the werewolf Jacob is developing. Misunderstanding occurs and Edward thinks Bella is dead, so he decides to appear in the sun for the vampires to kill. But Bella arrives at the last minute to prevent him from it. Edward finally requests to marry Bella, and Jacob warns him that the truce will be canceled if he bites a human. Bella replies that this is her decision. Bella is forced to choose between Edward and Jacob, and she tells Jacob that she does not have to choose between them because she previously chose Edward.