Sylvain Neuvel – Sleeping Giants Audiobook

Sylvain Neuvel – Sleeping Giants Audiobook

Sleeping Giants Audiobook (Themis Files #1) – By Sylvain Neuvel




What I felt:… When you lose your sleep, because of a giant literary bomb…

“Operation Tinker Bell, that’s what it’s called. It was too easy… to fly leaving a trail of magic powder behind us. »

When you know that you have a little nugget in your hands, that you cannot let go of its pages, (except for obligation), that you read it until the wee hours of the night, or even while eating … You know in advance , you “sense”, that it will be a blow of heart … Explanation of a thrilling phenomenon:

Originality, first of all … This form of transcribed interviews is a treat to read, because there is this side “Files Top secret ”and the impactful side of the dialogue. We follow the actions and twists through his conversations, but nothing is lost: tip of the hat to this author! … When it is the “Voice” the main character, who leads and directs the interviews, who is always one step ahead on the planetary political scene, and who must manage a team with strong characters and IQ more developed than the average, but that of course, it retains all its mystery and an elusive impersonality: it gives you a devouring curiosity that pushes you to read without interruption … But if in addition, you bond with the protagonists of the action, colors (Kara Resnik immediately had my sympathy because she is a character chick, and is in my Top Five of favorite characters !!!!), that you are passionate about the quest for her scattered pieces, and that you die want to know all the mysteries of this reinvented Universe: you know that you will not be satisfied until you have read the whole trilogy !!!

“If I were you, I would worry more about the next disaster we’re going to cause.”

“Thenthe issue between science fiction and political thriller, making the whole as captivating as intelligent. We are faced with human littleness in the face of the Grandiose Extraterrestrial Construction, in the small planetary “wars” in the face of the Unknown Infinite, in the tiny interior feelings in the face of the Immensity, inaccessible Intelligence … Yet we have as interlocutors, the thinking heads of this world, and the eminence of the Secret Service, but when we know nothing about the looming enemy and the greatness of the danger, we have the impression of being as insignificant as fish at the bottom of an aquarium, opening the mouth only to make only bubbles… And thus losing one’s certainties, that has something destabilizing, but fruitful for the mind…

“I was there, a little thing at the bottom of the hole, lying on my back, in the palm of a gigantic metallic hand. “

Finally, the extraordinary with this Giant, who reminds us a lot of Hollywood films, and besides, we will not be surprised that it is already in the process of film adaptation…. We quote World Ward Z and Alone on Mars, I found the effect no longer: “Transformers“. I really liked this beautiful luminous warrior, I can’t wait to see what this robotics has in the belly, for the moment, she only has the appearance of a radio-controlled priestess, and a perfect mystery surrounds her, but I am very curious to see what this turquoise aura contains…. This Grande Dame has an incredible charm, not to mention the possible capacities which one lends to her: the life “elsewhere” has not finished inspiring the authors of the land , and here,  Sylvain Neuvel – Sleeping Giants Audiobook delivers us a rich intrigue imprinted with a touch of strange opacity almost inconceivable, but with a very elegant representation…

It’s a first volume well constructed, brilliantly addictive, and scientifically imaginative! It lays the foundations for a dazzling trilogy which, in my opinion, will be promising and full of surprises, given this very intriguing ending…. I can’t wait, I can’t wait to read more, c it is the first time that I am so impatient, moreover… By its originality, its dynamism and this touch of fantastic mystery, this novel, of a new genre, is a big Interstellar Favorite…

My note Plaisir de Reading 10/10