Taylor Jenkins Reid – Daisy Jones and The Six Audiobook

Taylor Jenkins Reid – Daisy Jones and The Six Audiobook

Daisy Jones and The Six Audiobook – By Taylor Jenkins Reid



I’ve always thought there was something magical about literature. I find it totally magical to be able to suddenly be totally cut off from the world around us and immersed in a new universe just by opening a book.

Magical too is this inexhaustible capacity that literature has to surprise us by reinventing itself in an inexhaustible way.

Magic finally how sometimes certain works which are neither part of our genre of predilection nor of our usual readings and nevertheless reach us and touch us. It is through this magic and that of the blogosphere that Daisy Jones & the six found itself in my hands.

At the end of the seventies Daisy Jones & the six were at the height of their careers and it was said everywhere that they were on their way to becoming one of the greatest bands of all time.

Yet suddenly, in the middle of their career and tour, one night it all ended and the band broke up without an explanation. Years later, a journalist interviews the members of the group and their entourage to try to understand the rise then the explosion of this group which has become legendary.

My god, how I liked this book! First of all, you should know that it does not present itself as an ordinary novel but rather as a series of testimony put end to end and cut then glued to form only one.

Like a long, very long interview in which the characters meet to each give their point of view on events that may or may not determine the group.

And everything is so perfectly documented, everything looks so realistic that for a moment we forget that this group did not really exist and that all this is nothing more than a perfectly realistic fiction.

We love the atmosphere of this novel, this perfect mix of freedom, recklessness and danger that still hovers at a time when we are not fully aware of the dangers of drugs and unprotected sex, at a a time when all excesses are allowed and encouraged and when people are constantly pushing their limits. We like the way the characters in this story try to escape reality in various and varied ways that are more or less healthy.

There is a magical aura in this story, a bit like a vintage filter effect on a photo, a sparkle that does not quite manage to hide the pain, the fear, the bewilderment.

We easily get attached to the characters in this story, the members of the group and Daisy Jones of course but also their relatives.

I particularly liked the way the author in a subtle way makes us understand that people may experience events at exactly the same time, their personalities, and their personal problems make them have very different visions and interpretations of said events. .

We are touched, annoyed, amused by the characters who are all full of imperfections which makes them human, fallible and therefore terribly lovable.

We are quickly caught up in the history of this incredible group, by all these little moments which seem unimportant but which shape the legends.

We eagerly turn the pages, waiting to understand the moment that changed everything, the accumulation of little things that led to the end we know from the start, the separation of the group.

And while we believe we have finally grasped what happened, the author offers us some additional surprises out of his hat that make us review our entire perception of history.

I really loved Taylor Jenkins Reid – Daisy Jones and The Six Audiobook which shows us the behind the scenes of the life of a star, the tears under the rhinestones, the shadows behind the spotlight, humanity masked by the legendary aura.

I liked the subjects mentioned: true, realistic and imperfect love, difficult choices, addiction, loneliness, creation, the right to dispose of one’s body as one sees fit, male / female inequality , fame, that marvelous and destructive monster for the weakest souls.

Taylor Jenkins Reid gives us a story so well edited, carried by characters so realistic, that a moment at the very end of the novel we forgot that all this was only fiction.

We find ourselves sighing and then having an irrepressible desire to find the Aurora album to listen to and make the time spent with Daisy Jones & the six last a little longer.

Unfortunately the magic of literature has its limits and we have to come back to reality, a reality in which this mythical group is neither more nor less than an invention of a talented author, support to allow him to make us the story and testimony of an era that still makes many people dream today.

But maybe the magic will continue a little longer since it seems that the book is in the process of being adapted.