Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule Audiobook

Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule Audiobook

Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule Audiobook

This book, I recommend it to anyone who wants to get into fantasy. This is the first such book that I have read and it has inspired me to read more.

He is both a classic of the genre and an innovator.

A must !!


A priori the story is an archiclassic of the “heroic-fantasy” genre. A very nice kid all minions facing an insoluble quest, secrets en masse, a destiny linked to the world around him, an impossible love, a funny mentor, in short you see the picture. We even curled the “Luke, I’m your father!”. Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule Audiobook .


However, despite the lack of originality, we quickly get attached to the characters and the plot. Especially since the revelations make you want to continue. the writing style is fluid and the mayonnaise sets.


The cooking goes all the more easily as there is novelty.

Namely things that are not very bucolic: rape, torture, massacres, murders and all very well detailed.

Not recommended for kids, therefore. Yet in the story it goes easily and gives a more adult side.


What is also good is that at the end of volume 1 there is a big revelation which triggers all the other titles.

But we can quite stop there. If if I assure you, no regrets if its not enchanting you.


As I said in intro: to read for neophyles. But then I advise them instead to move on. Like the Iron Throne or the Royal Assassin.

Yes, because the rest of the saga is “reserved” for those like me who have really hooked. And again, you have to be motivated.


The following remarks explain this precaution but they do not apply to the first volume.

Some volumes are awesome (the 1, 3, 5, 8), others too long to start (2 and 4), and some frankly just passable (6 and 7).

The author likes too much to send us messages like “I am for the death penalty”, “you have to kill your enemy or else he will do it”. And of course everything arranged in fantasy fashion.

Some stories are repeated too often (consecutive whining during multiple separations, too regular tortures especially on the same person) and some characters are downright tense (for the last volumes).


It is the eternal story of the innocent with full hands, or how Richard Cypher, a ranger with simple and square ideas, becomes “unbeknownst to his will” the savior of his world.

An unenviable role when you see where this young man has gone. He got so caught up in his face that I don’t know where to start: the pangs of love; doubt, fear, and naivety put to the test; danger and death lurking; the powerful magic that alters reality; the perversity of the enemies, the convoluted tricks of the allies; the friends who fail and those who fall in the fields of honor; physical suffering pushed to its paroxysm, to the point of losing its reason; the bitter taste of defeat in my mouth, and the hope that is reborn when the morning rises…

I devoured this enormous paving stone. I loved this crazy story, breathless, and full of these unexpected twists that make us delay the moment to close the book.

The characters are well established. Richard Cypher, of course! by turns fragile, indecisive, and harder than a rock… Kahlan, beautiful to die for, and who hides so many secrets. the earthy Zedd, wizard of the first order, and true belly on foot. The small and touching Rachel with her doll that says yes, who says no. Darkhen Rahl, with a body as beautiful and perfect as his mind is perverted and twisted. As for the Mord Sith, it’s very simple, I would not like to see one tumble around the corner of my street.

Damn and fuck! as the priceless Zedd would say. What a story! We laugh, we suffer, we moan, we grow impatient, we would like to read faster to know … There is only the forest, immense, deep, disturbing, to be indifferent to the destinies of men …

And what is it? what ends up triumphing at the very end? IM asking you ! Amouuuuur of course…

As for the villains, they are never completely defeated in this kind of book. They remain hidden in the shadows, ready to resurface with all claws out when we least expect them. And they will reappear, for sure…

The sword of truth! How many volumes?


Completely conquered by this volume 1.


The sword of truth by its construction was a perfect read for the novice in fantasy that I am.


We first meet Richard Cypher, a most ordinary ranger. Richard discovers that his father has been murdered in an atrocious manner. He decides to conduct his own investigation and in the meantime saves a young woman from terrible danger. She came to seek help to save the middle countries from the threat of an abject being.


Richard sees himself invested with a quest by becoming the dowser. As he knows nothing about magic and the creatures that inhabit the middle country, this allows the reader to discover this world at the same time as him. Something that I really appreciated because I don’t like being drowned in the news.


Everything is there: quest, incredible bestiary (the boys, the horrible dogs at heart), fighting, magic, wizards. A pure treat.


I liked Terry Goodking’s pen even though I had a slump at the start of the novel when Richard sets out on his journey. I found it to be long. But I really did well to persevere because I loved it.


The characters are very well constructed. Richard of course is great. the not perfect hero, who doesn’t win all the time. Zedd the wizard shows his nose as soon as he hears a pan! Rachel, Brophy, the dragon, the people of Adobe (that’s exactly when I started devouring the pages) …


There are some grandiose passages, hyper moving, spectacular actions. Really mean villains including a villain no taller than 3 apples. humor and also love. It really adds a plus to the story.


It is sometimes violent but not too much in the end.


A few revelations at the end that make me want to jump on volume 2.


Great fan of fantasy, I had never had the opportunity to launch myself intobestseller Terry Goodkind’s, The Sword of Truth. And yet, I have been told long, wide and through, well, of course. Here I am finally initiated with this first volume entitled The First Sorcerer’s Lesson.


I admit that I was a little afraid of being disappointed, being entirely in the grip of Raymond E. Feist and his fabulous Chronicles of Krondor. I couldn’t see how I could get so attached to another series. And yet this is what happened, from the first chapters of this novel. We can say that Terry Goodkind has the art and the manner of drawing the reader into the whirlwind of his story, with characters as we like them and charismatic, a plot after all banal for a story of this kind, but extremely well told, with what it takes of revelations to maintain our interest, adventures to stir up our pleasure and emotions to make us shudder, so much so that I wondered how I could have waited so long to dive into this reading …


I loved it, and fortunately I have the following volumes in my shelves (thank you my lover), so I won’t be long to dive into them again, in order to discover the rest of the adventures by Richard the Seeker. Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule Audiobook .


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