Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist Audiobook

Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist Audiobook

The Alchemist Audiobook – By Paulo Coelho

Here it is, this magical book which has been an incredible publishing success all over the world. It took me a long time to give in to his call. Crazy independence or stupid spirit of resistance to the “vox populi”. I was wrong. This book is a wonderful journey.


It is a novel, it seems. Come on, it’s more than that. And if the book has been so successful that it shelters its author from want for several centuries, it is because the book speaks to everyone. Like a parable from the Bible, or from the New Testament, which would irrigate the world with its principles of life. This book has a luminous spiritual dimension, like a guide to life for an ordinary man, in order to encourage him to find his personal legend. In other words, the fate that Providence has in store for him if he knows how to listen to it. Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist Audiobook.


The Alchemist” is better than any self-help manual. It is an initiatory journey in the confines of the desert, these places marked by a mysticism such as they are at the origin of the three monotheistic religions. In the desert blows the spirit. But you still have to know how to perceive it and listen to it. Paulo Coelho leads us on this adventure in the footsteps of his shepherd Santiago on a journey that takes on the dimension of a lesson in life, without touching it, casually, like a slow inoculation in the reader of high doses of wisdom and serenity. great art in writing, but also an absolutely confusing ambition. Moreover, throughout the book, the shepherd is only called “the young man”, a sign that the author wants to carry in his story well beyond his main character. We are all the subject of this philosophical tale, which explains the worldwide success of this Brazilian novel. Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist Audiobook.


This book is magnificent, it takes you very far in a simple story, powerfully unifying because it establishes a bridge between the religions of Islam and Christianity. But he also speaks to non-believers to elevate souls towards an openness to others, towards confidence in the future and towards a global communion with life.


The Christian that I am, moreover, adored the final anecdote around the “centurion’s prayer”, this short prayer, humble and intense, which one recites just before the Eucharist by beating one’s chest, as they did. on their armor the soldiers of the Roman Empire. Paulo Coehloaptly speaksabout the notion of heritage and the trace left in history. A lesson that he has certainly applied to himself. He will be, forever, for eternity, the author of this wonderful novel, essential in a library: “The Alchemist“.