Toni Morrison – The Bluest Eye Audiobook

Toni Morrison – The Bluest Eye Audiobook

The Bluest Eye Audiobook Toni Morrison


First novel by a future Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Toni Morrison, with “ The Bluest Eye Audiobook ”, written quite late, and first success.

To have blue eyes, and even bluer than Shirley Temple, is the dream of Pecola, an ugly black little girl who lives in Lorain (Ohio – United States), rejected by society and at school. moreover, despite his young age (twelve years), Pecola is going to have a child but the tragedy is that it would be from his father.

We see two families with two sisters, Frieda and Claudia MacTeer and that of Pecola Breedlove whose dream will turn into a nightmare, a nightmare which the MacTeer sisters will witness.

The book is made up of four chapters whose titles each bear the name of a season of the year and the story begins in the fall of 1941.

Pecola is: “a little black girl who wanted to get out of the pit of his negritude to see the world with his blue eyes. »(P. 185)

In this poignant novel, it’s black, it’s gray – if there are colors, it’s white among the rich – there is also green with a house with red doors – but also the red of blood.

As for Pecola: “She had explained to him the difference between half-breeds and blacks. They were easily identifiable. The half-breeds were clean and calm; the negroes were dirty and noisy.

“Inthis segregationist America, the Prologue tells us a little about the history. Toni Morrison lets the characters do the talking, which is done in abundance.

We find a daily violence with racism – the author jumps in time – we see all the cruelties with the treatment of rape, incest, pedophilia.

The unbearable comes from the father for his daughter: he loves her – he hates her – he commits the irreparable, the defiling.

Aswill do Toni Morrison later, she never ceases to denounce American society where being White is a great opportunity and where being Black only incurs tragedy that can also lead to madness. The wounds of soul and body are irreparable. How can Pecola bear to live like this? Quite simply because she cannot change the color of her skin. She can only wish to change the one in her eyes. As for tenderness, it is far from it.

With her writing and her words, Toni Morrison touches us deep within ourselves.

The Bluest Eye Audiobook “, imbued with a profound human truth, had made a sensational entry into literature.

It is a work which already demonstrates what will be the other books of Toni Morrison, this great Lady that she was and who never feared to cry out for the life and the respect of those which one calls “of the Blacks ”because they are as deserving as“ whites ”- they are human beings.

Some considerwork to Toni Morrison’s be “unclassifiable” or “unavoidable”. What emerges is an “incisive and sensitive” style. »

In the end, a book to discover (if not already done) and continue with the following ones. All of them are equally fascinating and with “ The Bluest Eye Audiobook ”, we are drawn into a shock reading with very harsh words and great beauty.

Of this great Lady who recently passed away, we have her stories left so that we can continue to think about her since the writings remain.