Jack London – The Call of the Wild Audiobook

Jack London – The Call of the Wild Audiobook

The Call of the Wild Audiobook – By Jack London

“It was the masterful and incommunicable wisdom of eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life. It was the Wild – the savage, frozen-hearted Northland

With a style specific to the 19th century – but very American -, Jack London transports us to the great colds of Alaska, the dark forests where men and dogs experience the rigors of terrible winters … Not to mention the wolves who, hungry every winter, do not hesitate to attack them to satisfy their gang. In the spring, when the game returns, it is the moment when the pairs of these carnivores are formed. And here is the little gray wolf cub, the only survivor of his litter, who emerges in this cruel – animal world. We see him develop, discover his universe, and learn the first of his lessons: he is a carnivore, he must hunt. Jack London – The Call of the Wild Audiobook.

And then the second lesson, unfortunately learned too late: do not approach men. Subject to their rhythm of life, which seems incomprehensible to him, and to complete domination, White Fang allows himself to be tamed, and very quickly, to become dependent on these “gods” who bring him security, food and warmth. And this is my first heartache. Many others will follow during three quarters of this terribly hard book, where battles follow one another while hatred spreads through the heart of the wolf.

Because if the Indians protect him from men, they will not protect the young wolf from other dogs, who feel in him the traces of their enemies – and yet ancestors – savage: “He symbolized [the Wild]. Harassed, beaten without mercy, separated from his mother, young White Fang is brought up to hate dogs. Soon, he will also discover the wickedness of the “mad gods”, the wicked gods who will turn him into a fighting wolf. “Hated by his kind and by manhood, indomitable, perpetually warred upon and himself waging perpetual war, his development was rapid and one-sided. […] The code he learned was to obey the strong and to oppress the weak. ”

Until a more loving god adopted White Fang …” It was the beginning of the end for White Fang – the ending of the old life and the reign of hate. A new and incomprehensively fairer life was drawing.

“Ido say no more if you do not know the story … I thought I read younger, but in the closing it seemed obvious that the story did not say anything at all! Attacked at the start to refresh my English, it was also an opportunity to discover this classic, in its original version. Jack London – The Call of the Wild Audiobook.

If I enjoyed reading this novel, I sometimes found the construction to be a bit heavy, getting tired of descriptions of fights, and of considerations on the character of the young wolf, as if the author was blacking out the lines for better to end with a positive – too short for my taste!

Apart from this remark, it is a very beautiful novel which prompted me to reflect on the relationship between animals and humans. But who also made me dream (I want a wolf!), While chattering my teeth during my hours of reading …

A small downside to finish: is it supposed to be a book for children? given the violent combat scenes, I would advise against it for the youngest (or in an adapted version?), which is a shame because it is a magnificent novel, full of emotions and values ​​(towards the end!).

To read therefore, at all ages – but from 10 years minimum!