Holly Black – The Cruel Prince Audiobook

Holly Black – The Cruel Prince Audiobook

The Cruel Prince Audiobook – (The Folk of The Air, #4) By Holly Black

The Cruel Prince was a superb discovery. No sooner had I closed the novel than I wanted to immerse myself directly in the sequel, the story is so addictive! Unfortunately, the sequel is not on my pal so I have to wait a bit longer to devour it! I read this first volume in 24 hours… the pages scrolled by themselves!

I really liked the universe created by Holly Black, which is inspired by various folklore and features various supernatural creatures! This element really gives a certain originality to the saga and allows us to dive into the heart of a magical world. Another element of originality: the fact that this universe coexists with contemporary society!

I really enjoyed following Jude’s adventures and seeing her evolve as the novel progresses. Jude is truly a strong and independent young woman! Unlike other heroines, when she finds herself in a delicate situation or takes it all in the face, she manages on her own to extricate herself from the boil in which she is stuck.

Finally, I really appreciated the fact that the story takes its time. The author contextualizes the universe and history at a rather slow pace, but without making the story boring. This first volume lays solid foundations for the saga but does not neglect the adventures either.

This first volume was not a favorite for me but I think that the second volume has a good chance of becoming one! The end of the story indeed suggests a promising sequel, full of surprises and above all, a sequel that will deepen the relationship between Cardan and Jude!


Holly Black sets up with this first volume a rich and visual universe. The cover attracts the eye with its aesthetics. Elegant combining perfectly with its title, to say the least, intriguing.

The blogosphere touts this book as the holy grail. It is the chosen one who must reconcile the recalcitrant with the Young adult / Fantasy / Fantastic. is the bet successful? THE ANSWER IS YES AND AGAIN YES AND ALWAYS YES!

Jude lives with his sisters in a world that is not his. Cruel, cold, calculating. She was forcibly taken from the human world by her adoptive father. A prominent general Fae named Madoc very close to the king with enormous influence in the world of the Fae. Being human is not an advantage for our young heroine who will learn it at her expense. It’s extremely difficult to remain immune to the harassment that Jude is going through. to see that no one is reaching out to him. She has no real support, no allies and a rather singular distance from her family. The author has created an unusual character, a mix between Katniss from Hunger Games and Feyre from Acotar.

Enormous guts, courage to spare, a slight touch of insolence and a desire to prove yourself and prove to her ‘father’ that she exists. It is not a fragile, malleable thing. She no longer wants to be infantilized by this head of the family whose recognition she seeks. It is besides a very unusual relation which associates these two characters.

How to learn to love the one who has put an end to his haven of peace? How to deal with the murderer of his parents every day?

Is it humanly possible to learn to love someone who has destroyed your life?

This father daughter relationship is unusual, one has the impression that a form of love has established itself over time. We can’t really pinpoint Jude’s real feelings towards the patriarch. It oscillates between love / hate / admiration / disgust / fear…

Regarding the adaptation of Jude in the world of Fae, she explains it fairly precisely throughout her adventure and the emotions that overwhelm her. She has no choice. To acclimatize to this magical world, she must forget her part of humanity, her weakness and build herself a shell … A temerity that will bring her problems but also a thrilling epic.


Jude our heroine largely carries the success of this novel on her shoulders, her character is impressive by this strength of character. This fighting spirit but also the ingenuity which she shows throughout the novel. She is sometimes naughty, hot-headed but she will stop at nothing.

The secondary characters are just as essential, they have a role to play in the storyline. A chapter that may seem unimportant will in my opinion become crucial in the next Opus.

Violence is omnipresent in this universe, nothing very abnormal when it comes to taking power. To win the crown, all low blows are allowed. poison flows freely and blood lines the walls. I really liked this stressful atmosphere, this feverishness to wait for the next tactic to be played on this life-size chessboard. It’s a cold war. To win the kingdom, you have to position your pawns and anticipate your opponent.


To those who like the fantasy / young adult mix, I highly recommend this read. The pen of Holly Black deserves its growing notoriety on the blogosphere.