Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Legacy Audiobook

Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Legacy Audiobook

The Darkest Legacy Audiobook – (The Darkest Minds, #4) By Alexandra Bracken

I hesitated a little before deciding to read or not, this volume four of Insoumis / Darkest Minds. Even though the ending of Denouement was quite vague as to the future of our heroes, it was for me full of hope and possibility, with the notion that even we readers were not allowed to imagine this. that Ruby, Liam, Zu and Chubs would become. It was their choice and Alexandra Bracken gave it to them. With Héritages, Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Legacy Audiobook.

I had this impression that it was a bit double or double. Either I was hanging on to Heritage, or I wasn’t going to like and taint a bit the original trilogy that I had loved. That Zu was our narrator didn’t bother me at all, though. He is a character that I loved and that his young age had put aside a little in the end. So a choice that I approved without worries.

The story therefore takes place five years after the last events of Denouement. If Legacy could give us hope for something positive, disenchantment is pretty quick. It was not a big surprise in itself. If I had a little hope at the end of the trilogy, hoping that the adults would realize their mistakes and make sure to fix them for these generations who suffered so much, I also knew deep down that Alexandra Bracken had builds a world of shenanigans and cruelty. When Zu’s universe is suddenly turned upside down, it was like hearing “I told you so”. A happy ending, a fair world … pure and simple utopia. But, thanks to Zu, things aren’t that simple. By that I mean that it is not just a brutal switch. Over the pages, our young heroine realizes the masquerade, the pretenses. She wanted to hang on to it, make sacrifices for the good of all … but was it really the right thing to do?

The whole novel revolves around this choice. What should Suzume do? What is the path to follow so that she can be in harmony with herself and at the same time pursue her goals? Ruby had had a fairly similar journey, but more access to her powers. Here we are really in this area of ​​Legacy. Our heroes want to fight for the future, for the mark they will leave on the younger generations, to offer them something they did not have. And what do you do when leaders and other big manias subtly violate all your rights? How to do when you are alone, cornered and that you doubt at all times? Zu has grown up but she still remains at this age where we have to choose between remaining the child that we no longer want to be, but the adult who scares us. And the world around him doesn’t help him. Our group of heroes is gone. Zu is in a way alone, abandoned by her three elders who were her ramparts during such a painful period. She has to make choices, like whether or not to trust Roman and Priyanka. Even if it means making mistakes.

I won’t lie to you. not seeing too much of Liam, Chubs and Ruby created a void. But Alexandra Bracken thanks to Roman and Priyanka manages to overcome this lack brilliantly. The two new ones are a real mystery and yet we want to trust them from the start. A state of mind similar to Zu. And that’s something I really appreciate, being able to put on a hero’s sneakers. Not to mention that without Liam, Chubs and Ruby, the three young heroes have plenty of time to flourish and evolve. And for once, the lack quickly fell. Of course, when the old characters make their return at some point, I was “joy and happiness”, I don’t hide it, even in the bleak circumstances. Not to mention that their return does not erase what Zu has accomplished herself. It’s just the icing on the cake. And what a cherry!

The last third of the novel is addicting and really well done. There are so many emotions, anguish and little moments of pride. Zu has evolved realistically and fairly, his relationship with Roman and Priyanka is fun to follow, and again very successful. She’s no longer the silent little girl we once knew. She followed in the footsteps of her “big sister” and we can only be proud of her. the political side and post-apocalypse life also fit in very well, setting a scene that pushes our heroes to go beyond their entrenchment. It is yet another secret war waged for the Psi to obtain justice. This is not a happy novel, and a sense of revolt may grow in you as you read, but keep in mind that there are fighters. Their actions won’t necessarily be spectacular, but there is always that fire burning for this brighter future. Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Legacy Audiobook.

The end of Inheritance is in the image of Denouement. Some will not be satisfied, especially sinceAlexandra Bracken does not have the desire for the moment to pursue Darkest Minds. For me, this open end is the end that had to be. It is the result of Zu’s journey. Taking charge of one’s own destiny. the power we give to the choice we can make. The struggles that one must fight to be in harmony with oneself. And like I said at the very beginning, this open end is also a stand. Alexandra Bracken gives her characters the choice to become whatever they want.