Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Minds Audiobook

Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Minds Audiobook

The Darkest Minds Audiobook (Book#1) – By Alexandra Bracken

Les Insoumis has been in my PAL for a little while. For so long that when I saw the trailer for The Darkest Minds, I wanted to buy myself the trilogy in English … before realizing that I already had it in French (yes, that says a lot on the state of my battery to read). the main thing in this whole story is that I loved this first volume and that I will continue with the next two, not to mention that I can’t wait to see the film, hoping that it is a success and that there are two more.

This first volume did not go far from the crush. There are frankly a lot of things that I love about dystopias and I found the same reading happiness as with Hunger Games in particular. Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Minds Audiobook.

The only thing that made me tick a little is that our heroes follow a chain of dire situations. There is some good that comes out every time, but at one point I thought to myself that having such bad luck was pretty incredible. So, yes, this allows the novel to have no downtime and we are never lacking in action, but on the contrary, it is a little “harmful” to the development of certain characters. This is just one detail that didn’t stop me loving this first volume and becoming attached to the characters, however.

Les Insoumis is the kind of novel that cannot leave you indifferent. Imagine a world where almost all children die and the remaining two percent develop paranormal powers. What is the company doing? She decides to hunt down the children who have survived, to treat them as monsters, and to park them in concentration centers with abuse and experiences as a result. Well yes … Let’s eradicate all children! Do not create a school where they can learn to master their gifts. Let’s treat them like monsters and turn them into violent psychopaths. Especially that an angry teenager, it is absolutely not dangerous at the base … In short, beginning which puts you well in the mood with a desire to break the heads with all these adults. Fear is the worst thing there is. It certainly allows us to stay alive, imposing limits on us, but it also pushes us to act, sometimes, in a monstrous way. And clearly, here, the monsters are not what you think.

It is therefore with this feeling of revolt that I go down in history. A sentiment tempered by Ruby however. Our heroine is not a fighter, but a survivor who hides, because in addition to being a shrink, she is an Orange. A category which has the gift of manipulating minds and which was very quickly “cleaned up”. The young woman in addition to pretending to be a Green (another category of shrink) must face her powers which frighten her enormously. Without any control over them, it can creep into your mind at any time and even inadvertently erase your memory. A complex character and far from the “perfection” one would expect from a heroine. But that’s really what she manages to shine in. Ruby has everything to learn. She has been locked up since she was ten years old, living in terror and oppression that have not yet destroyed her humanity. Intelligent, sometimes withdrawn, courageous in spite of what she believes, we discover an endearing character who is very similar to what we could have been in such circumstances. It is also this part of “realism” that I liked. She’s not superhuman.

And then comes the moment when everything is turned upside down. Ruby begins a journey to freedom. Between encounters, challenges, difficult decisions, the author takes us on an adventure with many twists and turns but which also highlights his almost apocalyptic universe. The downfall of a nation, human nature brought to life, the horror of which we are capable, the manipulations for a little power … but even more, this part of humanity, of hope, of the desire to ‘have a future even if it won’t be easy. Like a right that we thought had been acquired and that we must assert with force.

To get back to the characters a bit, the quartet of Ruby, Liam, Chubs and Zu is really on top. I got attached to each of them and for different reasons. Four characters with different pasts who aspire to the same thing. Children who have grown up too quickly but who have not yet been damaged by life, or at least who have been able to distinguish between things. As for the others … A total nothingness. There’s also so much suspicion that it’s hard to trust anyone, and for good reason. I found one of the antagonists very pathetic by the way … I felt from the start that there was something fishy about him and I was not mistaken. I wouldn’t have believed he could go that far and I’m even a little disappointed with that as he goes into a form of caricature of the villain. It can evolve, of course, but for me, it will never be able to erase its passage in this first volume. Alexandra Bracken – The Darkest Minds Audiobook.

The start of the trilogy is much more than an introduction. He brings us into the game from the start, introduces us to the universe but pushes further. The main characters are very successful and the plot too even if I would have preferred less twists. I can’t wait to see what the second volume can deliver. I have a little apprehension given the end of the volume, but the author may very well surprise me.