James Dashner – The Death Cure Audiobook

James Dashner – The Death Cure Audiobook

The Death Cure Audiobook (Maze Runner Book#3) – By James Dashner

There you go, this is the last tome of the Labyrinth trilogy. I finally heard the end of the story. James Dashner – The Death Cure Audiobook


At the end of the previous volume, Thomas, Minho, Brenda, Teresa, Newt and the others met at WICKED headquarters, in order to find their memories to arrive at the end of the trials. Alas, these young people, tired of manipulations, human losses and lies, have decided to rebel to flee WICKED. Less and less confident when finding a cure for the Ember, Thomas, Minho, Brenda etc will unite to fight against WICKED. There is no longer any question of them playing the role of laboratory rats. We must now act quickly before the eradication of human hope …

As far as the characters are concerned. These are always true to themselves.

Thomas, always so courageous, but always so psychologically tortured is THE main character, interesting and complex as possible. His place is not the best. Throughout his adventures, this youngster will be forced to make decisions, which will be far from easy …

Minho is always so endearing with his lines that hit the mark and his pig character. A loyal and helpful friend, this young man always uses his strength and courage to achieve his ends.

Brenda, a thoughtful and trustworthy girl, is a character that I liked a lot because of her honesty, and her involvement in the fight against WICKED.

Newt, when it comes to him, made me very sad in this volume …

Esuite Jorge is someone not very present in history psychologically. He is THE pilot, the leader of operations, but his interventions are few. So there is not much to say about it. James Dashner – The Death Cure Audiobook


And finally, Teresa. He’s a difficult character to pin down from start to finish. He’s someone I didn’t like much in this trilogy. Despite the unveiling of the truth, I sometimes had trouble understanding his actions …

In short, the rat-man, Vince, and the others are not left out, we also have a nice bunch of secondary characters.

What to say about this final? For my part, I would say that I was quite disappointed. On the one hand, because we are not strictly speaking in a test, like the first two volumes. And on the other hand because I found this volume relatively long, so as not to lead to an end worthy of the name. All along, I was convinced that this was yet another plot on the part of WICKED. But not at all. The end seemed to me to be quickly dispatched and relatively poor, little worked. It was sometimes difficult for me to make a connection between the very beginning with the Labyrinth, and the Ember. Okay, the Labyrinth was used to study subjects in a confined environment, to collect variables, in order to find a cure. Yes, but then? How to condense these results to arrive at a remedy? What was the exact plan? Why were these elements interesting for WICKED? How were they useful in fighting the Ember? Either I did not understand everything, and I am missing the point. Or either I found this part of the story very unclear. Am I the only one in this case? I have finished reading this trilogy, but I feel that I haven’t grasped the essence of the story.

In conclusion, I would say that I loved the first volume of this trilogy, enjoyed volume 2, but I was disappointed by this third volume, for lack of clarity and explanation. However, I look forward to the release of the prequel in 2015, hoping to learn more about the world of James Dashner.