James Dashner – The Fever Code Audiobook

James Dashner – The Fever Code Audiobook

The Fever Code Audiobook (The Maze Runner Book #5) – By James Dashner

In this volume 5, we are sent back ten years before the two labyrinths. For the most part, the boulders are very young when WICKED tears them away from their families and turns them into “laboratory rats”. It is terrible to see these scientists cut short their childhood, their innocence, isolate them, constantly manipulate them, examine them, even operate on them to control their entire mind. Totally dispossessed of who they were, we give them a new name, we study their reactions to different situations, we erase all memory of their past life to make them white, smooth and new subjects.

“The Fever Code Audiobook” is a harsh, psychologically trying tome. We no longer follow the boulders in a closed environment, prisoners of a frightening mystery, but we are witnessing the slow creation of this trap: the long and meticulous development of the labyrinths, the tests, the trials that await them but also all the illusions and lies they face on a daily basis. It is painful to bear when we remember that they are just kids; it’s really violent, oppressive.

But this tome is above all the tome of great revelations. All the pieces of the puzzle are reorganized and adjusted: many clarifications are made, secrets are revealed. And above all, the personalities are revealed: we better understand the depth of certain friendships but also the betrayals to come. Discovering all the undersides and origins of this immense human experience is as fascinating as it is frightening.

As in all previous volumes, real and beautiful philosophical and ethical reflections are addressed: how far can science go? Is it acceptable to sacrifice many human beings to save others? When does the scientific experiment turn into mistreatment and savagery? I regret that this magnificent saga remains classified as “young-adult” because any reader should discover it, whether he is 13 or 50 years old. With rare depth, she dares to address existential questions that can be found in the greatest works of science fiction in world literature.

I cannot divulge more about this last volume because it is all the same a prequel and that James Dashner slips in it many allusions and winks to his initial trilogy – some are actually extremely touching when you know the outcome of the “Deadly Cure”. It is with a deep feeling of emptiness and sadness that I leave my favorite blocards… but Newt will remain one of the most beautiful and touching saga characters I have ever met.

And There you go. The series is over to my great regret.


I would have greatly appreciated this feedback on what happened before the labyrinth. Especially instructive.


The first one (review link below), on Alec and Marc, I preferred it to this one. We discover more things with more actions.


But The Fever Code Audiobook is good all the same for its details and details on the plans of the WICKED. You know what’s going to happen, or at least you can guess it. This is an advantage since the story is easier to follow, but it is also a disadvantage because you can get bored … which is not my case! 🙂


Finally, I recommend this book, this post-apocalyptic series, which has been enjoyed by many people, so if you haven’t read it yet, stop wondering and dive into it. You will see that the only drawback of this series is above all addiction!


But above all never forget that “WICKED is good”.