Lois Lowry – The Giver Audiobook

Lois Lowry – The Giver Audiobook

The Giver Audiobook – By Lois Lowry






Summary Of The Giver Audiobook :



The world in which Jonas lives is very far from ours: a society where the notion of the individual does not exist. Even more surprising: its members do not feel anything. Neither love nor hate disrupt their daily lives. People don’t die either. They are “expanded”. Just like the hero of this story – a twelve year old boy – the young reader will be dying to know what lies behind this obscure term.


Combining science fiction and philosophy, Lois Lowry signs a haunting novel of incredible density. In a very particular style, where genres coexist, this book will surprise us with the deep, intelligent and sensitive reflection it gives us on our fellow human beings. From 12 years old. –Isabel Soubelet


Review Of The Giver Audiobook :


“the  ferryman”Lois Lowry is a book that took the dust on the shelf because I found her unattractive coverage. What a pity ! This book is quite simply a nugget!

It was part of my son’s compulsory school readings. It is, apparently, part of a trilogy also including: “The Chosen One” and “Messenger“. The ease of reading is disconcerting compared to the message delivered. Labeled “children’s book”, it is aimed at children (from 10-12 years old) and adolescents but speaks, in fact, to everyone. I like dystopias: they make people realize how lucky we are to live in a world like ours. And they are useful to adolescents, sincerely convinced that they are never free enough in this same world.

This anticipatory novel presents an imaginary, futuristic society where individuals are formatted to no longer feel emotions and to behave in a pre-established way. In this world, all differences have been abolished, not out of respect or tolerance, but for the interests of the system. Everything is set to be perfect, each life is governed by laws that no one would have the idea of ​​transgressing: these fundamental rules frame daily life, seem perfect because in this community, harmony reigns. As much in the family units formed with care by the committee of wise men as in society where everyone is happy with their lot, they practice an activity that suits them. A simple life where everyone knows what to do, where everyone has a use. Eliminated the pains and the conflicts but also, as long as to do, the colors, the parents, the emotions, the choice …

All the inhabitants are taken care of. Parents are mated by affinities, babies born by surrogate mothers then raised in crèche until the age of one year, are assigned to a “family” unit. The elderly, the weak newborns are “enlarged” and join a better world, better adapted to their needs, “Elsewhere”.

The reader gradually discovers this dictatorship through the point of view of Jonas, a young boy of 11, who lives with his parents and his 7-year-old sister, Lily. He is an alert, lively, intelligent little boy with a somewhat rebellious mind. the book opens with his apprehension of the 12th anniversary ceremony. Because twelve ceremonies, one per year, punctuate the lives of children: The twelfth ceremony is the most important because it is during this that the child is assigned his future profession. It is chosen in advance by the members of the committee according to the personality of the child, his qualities, the number of volunteer hours carried out within the various services. The Giver Audiobook Free .

There is a particular profession, attributed to a single person in the community, whose goal is to preserve the memory, the reminder of what was unique to man before the big change. He remembers everything the community has managed to eliminate from everyday life. He still sees the colors, remembers the time when animals and defects existed. He remembers what love was. Jonas, that day, becomes the Custodian of Memory, a memory from ancient times which will be revealed to him by a Passeur …

Jonas gradually regains contact with reality and his humanity. Its awakening is done in parallel with that of the reader, which gives a lot of force to the story. We see in this novel that this future society, pacified, freed from violence and competition, leads to the negation of the individual. This book offers solutions that present, a priori, very good sides with helping the elderly, the development of a sense of responsibility, respect for others, self-control, periods of professional testing allowing to understand the abilities, skills and preferences of each child.

The subject is treated in an intelligent and sensitive way, the reader gradually enters Jonas’ universe. The writing is very nice and fluid and I had a hard time letting go of the book before it was finished.