John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath Audiobook

John Steinbeck – The Grapes of Wrath Audiobook

The Grapes of Wrath Audiobook – By John Steinbeck



1930s, Oklahoma. Tom Joad is released from prison following manslaughter. He returns to the family farm but a bad surprise awaits him: the farm has been seized by a bank and his family, totally ruined, is on the move. She is about to leave for California, with the hope of finding a job and living with dignity.

The Joad family, divided between the pain of having to leave “the land of their fathers” and the hope of a better life, therefore began a long journey on route 66, across the great plains of the west, towards of a mythical California. But the journey is not without difficulty. The dislocation of the family begins. The Grapes of Wrath Audiobook free .

The Joad family finally arrives in California and quickly realizes that not only is there not enough work for all immigrants and that they will have to live in appalling living conditions, but also that the “Okies” are feared and fearful. hated by the natives who see in them only marginal and potential agitators.

Despite the difficulties, the Joad family does not lose hope and, despite the hunger, poverty and injustice, mobilizes all its energy to try to get out of it …


Back cover:

The sun rose behind them, and then … Suddenly, they discovered the immense valley at their feet. Al braked hard and stopped in the middle of the road. – For God Sake ! Look ! he cried. The vineyards, the orchards, the large flat valley, green and resplendent, the long lines of fruit trees and the farms. And Pa said: – Almighty God! … I would never have believed that it could exist, such a beautiful country.


Just a word: SUBLIME!

For once, I’ll try to keep it short because there isn’t much to say except: “Hats off to the artist!

“Imagine:You live in the earth in the midst of crisis (depression post 1929) in Oklahoma dirty refuses to offer good plots. You are in debt with the banks to the point of having to leave your land to honor your debts (I advise you on this subject, if you do not already know it, L’Argent Dette on Dailymotion or Youtube). Where are you going ? Where everyone tells you it’s better; California, Eldorado in a way (for the record, see L’or de Blaise Cendrars).

Yeah! California … and all the miseries that go with it and that you can imagine (from the rogue mechanic, to the super owners, always ready to put to work an overdue workforce).

This book goes far beyond the borders of American states, it is an allegory of immigration in general. Africans, South Americans, Asians who scramble to the bottom of a container, on a raft or by some other crude and dangerous means in Europe or any other so-called “promised” land have to live pretty much the same as the 1930s Joads in the United States.

The magic of Steinbeck is a correct writing, based on a general chapter directly followed by the scenario for the unfortunate Joads. zero literary fault, a monument of literature, probably the greatest novel of the twentieth century and he even allowed himself the luxury of letting “the wine of hope” appear behind “the grapes of anger“. Hats off to the artist! even if it starts to do a lot of times that I write it, it will never be too much, at least that’s my tiny opinion, which swings like a scorched leaf desperately hanging on the twig in a gray November morning, as much say, not much.

PS: even if I quite like John Ford ‘s 1940 film (so only a year after the novel was released), it is an understatement to say that it is far below the book. Given the density and length of the novel, the director has chosen to focus on certain paintings, in particular he makes the ellipse of the entire descent into hell that constitutes the journey from Oklahoma to California, which is, personally , what I like best about the book (although it’s hard for me to claim that there are places I like less in this book because I like absolutely everything). This film is especially valuable for the very realistic and contextual illustration it provides of Steinbeck’s work.

NB: this book is obviously at theorigin of the superb title of Bruce Springsteen : The Ghost Of Tom Joad.