Kathleen Karr – The Great Turkey Walk Audiobook

Kathleen Karr – The Great Turkey Walk Audiobook

The Great Turkey Walk Audiobook – By Kathleen Karr

It’s hard to imagine that in the not-so-distant past, goods could not be transported by trucks or trains. Take for example the great American plains around 1860. If you wanted to deliver your cattle on foot to the other end of the country, there were not thirty-six solutions: you had to take them there on foot, even if it meant braving the perils of the Wild West!


“It was a beautiful June day. The verdant cornfields rippled on either side of the West Road. My waddling turkeys in the middle must have been stunning to see, with their plumage sparkling in the sun. Say, they spun like racing cars as soon as they felt a little taste of freedom under their paws. ”


Kathleen Kaar had the brilliant idea of ​​taking inspiration from these convoys to imagine the epic adventure of Simon, fifteen years old and the worst student in the history of Missouri. His teacher makes him listen to reason: it’s time to quit school and stand on its own two feet! But what to do ? And indeed, this story of wings inspires him a bright idea: since the turkeys have laid eggs so much that they are no longer worth anything, Simon will make a fortune by driving a thousand to the flourishing city of Denver where they are torn off for at least five dollars each! Kathleen Karr – The Great Turkey Walk Audiobook.


Behind this intriguing title hides an adventure no less incredible. 1860, United States. Simon Green is not made for school, to say the least after a fourth CE1 … at fifteen. But he is not stupid so far and he still learned the multiplications. So when he is told that the turkeys sold here for twenty-five cents are worth five dollars in Denver, he quickly does the math … and it’s not the thousand miles between Union, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado, that will prevent him from deploying his wings and start his little business!


Simon was sympathetic to me from the start. Of course, his talents are not academic, but his kindness, generosity and practicality are unifying. Good or bad encounters will make him grow in the course of this initiatory story. While some will seek to abuse his qualities, others will do anything to help him find his place in this world. So admittedly, the story is nice and positive, and some twists and turns can sometimes seem a little easy, but I admit that I found it pleasant for once and I followed their adventures with pleasure.

I loved the whole clique around Simon, this ingenuous with flashes of genius. Miss Rogers, his teacher who believes in him in a very good way; Bidwell Peece, the lover of the beasts whom Simon extirpates from the drink; Emmett, the brave little dog from the previous one; Jabeth, the escaped slave; Lizzie, the explosive young girl who refuses to be treated like a doll. Do not be fooled by appearances and believe in the talents of each person, here is a lesson to be learned!


It is also a beautiful trip through the United States. A country where all is not rosy, far from it. Certainly, the little one can become great there – provided that they are not reduced to nothing by the wickedness and greed of others – but it is also a country divided by slavery, a country which martyrs the Indians, who needlessly slaughter the bison. Kathleen Karr – The Great Turkey Walk Audiobook.


Solidarity, friendship, honesty… and off we go on a luminous journey which will never cease to increase our affection for these colorful protagonists.


This novel takes us to the America of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn: that of gold diggers, Indians, bandits, but also that of slavery, famine and buffalo hunters.


Reading this delightful text, one wonders why turkeys are so under-represented in the literature. Here are friendly critters, full of resources and surprises! Admittedly, we are almost as attached to these birds as to Simon, who nevertheless has immense potential for sympathy with his boundless energy and generosity. This boy who has the courage to persist in his path despite the labels that stick to his skin gives us a superb lesson in humility. Impossible not to be passionate about his crazy equipment that my children have followed map to support.


We giggle with pleasure!


PS: it’s really great to see all the links and parallels that are made over the readings. We have often thought of the characters of Mark Twain while reading this novel, but also of the novels The Last on the Plain, by Nathalie Bernard, The Walker & Dawn catalog, by Davide Morosinotto. And also the board game Les aventuriers du rail, thanks to which my children find their way visibly as if in their pocket in American geography!