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The holidays approaching and my series of chronicles on Harry Potter being near the end, today I will speak a little about Volume 6 (there will be only one left), “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince », A very bewitching book!
Needless to say that I devoured him (like the others) but with even more interest since after him it will be “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, the last one, sniff!
But rarely has a saga been so interesting and moreover, a literature supposedly intended for adolescents. Yes, okay, this all came out a number of years ago but I was a young adult. And then there is no age in the choice of books and this is how we keep a youthful spirit. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Audiobook .

This time, Harry will be starting one more year at Hogwarts School of Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He will thus find his dear faithful friends Ron and Hermione.
We learn a little more about the past of Harry’s parents, that of Voldemort (ouch, we had to say The One-To-Be-Not-Pronounced-Not-The-Name) – we are talking about Albus Dumbledore who, alas, takes of age – we find Death Eaters, the famous Quidditch. As for this famous Half-Blood Prince, it is better to say nothing because it is an important element. Voldemort, on the other hand, manifests himself a bit more often by killing those who do not want to follow him among the Death Eaters. Well let’s see, always the hard way!
It is therefore a very dark atmosphere, very dark, in the heart of the memory of Harry nicknamed “The Chosen One”.
We will have to go back in time to try to predict the future. This could be possible for Harry with a potions book which has been changed a bit by a student nicknamed “The Half-Blood Prince”. But who is he? That is the question.

If the plots are not super amazing they are still fascinating. We encounter an “occlumens” (dangerous double agent). We know that not everything will happen in total joy, that the adventures will continue, that Harry’s task will be more than absorbing with the help of his friends, of course …
There is also and above all, the former Prime Minister of Magic, Fudge, replaced by Scrimgoeur – the danger lurking – darkness at the heart of this story – sympathetic characters and other disturbing ones – a well-sustained rhythm …

With all of this, JK Rowling brings us to a not-so-happy ending, described as: “His fingers closed mechanically on the fake Horcrux but, despite everything, despite the dark and tortuous path that opened before him. , despite his final confrontation with Voldemort which he knew was inevitable, in a month, in a year, in ten years, he felt a lighter heart at the thought that he could still enjoy one last peaceful day and sunny with Ron and Hermione. ”
And Harry will spend the rest of his vacation at the “Burrow” at the Weasleys’ while waiting for school to resume.

Clap ! No, it is not an end clap but only that of this volume since we know that the last one awaits us.
So see you soon !

Ah, what do I like this one, almost as much as the 3. After a volume 5 too long, too rich, which ended up disappointing by the treatment reserved for the characters, the ambition is revised to the decrease in quantity but certainly not in quality. A simpler plot, much more fascinating, which we suspect from chapter 2 of the end but whatever, it allows us to prepare for the thing (must be said that it has already been since volume 4 that JK Rowling puts the emphasis on old age and loss of control over Dumbledore’s events) and creating real tragic tension. Stephen Fry – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Audiobook .

THE twist here, masterful, Christiesque, is the identity of the Half-Blood Prince. It’s very silly, it’s anecdotal, it was secondary to the rest, but we were thinking of everyone, except the person concerned !! When I read the revelation, on my English edition, at the time, I almost fell from my chair and exclaimed “what???”

The dives in the memories of Voldemort are fascinating, the stories Harry / Ginny, Ron / Hermione touching and welcome, our hero finds his head on his shoulders, and what to say about this magnificent funeral, with the addition of icing the announcement of this which will take place in the next volume … (adventure in search of Horcruxes and break of the school formula, promise that makes you dream)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is calm before the storm, but treacherous calm. Just what was needed after the too rich cake that preceded.




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