Kiera Cass – The Heir Audiobook

Kiera Cass – The Heir Audiobook

The Heir Audiobook (The Selection Book#4) – By Kiera Cass

What happiness to find this universe again!

I wondered what could happen after the perfect ending that the third volume of the Selection offered us. Even if some will say that it is not very original to have continued the story with the daughter of America and Maxon, the way the selection arrives, the events that unfold, everything is different from the first trilogy.


We discover Eadlyn, a young woman of 18, who is preparing to reign, a great first for the kingdom of Illéa which has always known only kings. She is sure of herself and keeps telling herself that she is the most powerful woman in the world. So much so that she proclaims loud and clear that she does not need a husband and that she intends to reign alone. Despite this, she loves her parents more than anything in the world. When they ask her if she wants to be the stake of a new Selection in order to create a diversion while they seek a solution in order to improve the situation within Illéa, she will not have to no choice but to accept, not for his people, but to spare his father who seems more overwhelmed than ever. She accepts, yes, but not without conditions, however…

In any case, the Selection will have many surprises in store for her and unfortunately not only good ones.


When I discovered Eadlyn in the first few lines, I was initially afraid to hate her because of her character. She is really full of herself, the princess par excellence in short. But we quickly realize that his attitude is in fact a shell. She is actually sensitive and endearing. If she doesn’t want to fall in love with a man, she is not incapable of loving so far and she proves it when she is in the company of her family. I loved the relationship she has with her three brothers, especially with her twin. They are all very close to each other.

Among the selected, there are a lot of different personalities. Some are very endearing! I have a slight preference for Kile, as well as for Erik, even if he is theoretically not one of the selected ones (normal that I like him, he speaks Finnish too!). Speaking of Finnish, an aside to highlight the author’s work. I don’t know if she speaks this language, but in any case I really appreciated the small sentences in Finnish when Henri speaks. It gives more realism! And I know from experience that it is a very complicated language, so well done!

In short, among these young men there is something for all tastes and sometimes even a few goujats! Fortunately, the future queen is very well surrounded, especially by her father who would move heaven and earth to protect her.


As for the story, I really enjoyed being on the other side, seeing the Selection from the perspective of the heiress and not the candidates. This radically changes things and we realize that it is far from being a piece of fun for her. She has so much to deal with and can’t just let go and live it to the fullest like them. No, each of his acts is analyzed by journalists and the people. the worst is that when she often thinks she is doing well, she attracts the wrath of her people who sometimes misinterpret what she is doing.


I loved meeting some old characters as well, in their new lives like America, Maxon, Marlee, Lucy and Aspen. They are not very present, but their little appearances were very pleasant.


Suddenly, I realize that I have absolutely no negative point to mention. I loved this novel which is in the exact lineage of the previous three. If some were afraid that it was “too much”, think again and read it without fear!


Finally, the feather is fluid, pleasant, captivating. The author knows how to transport us to his world with colorful and realistic characters. In short, a real treat!


In short, a real favorite once again! Definitely, this saga is really perfect! Eadlyn as a spoiled child is truly touching and endearing, as are my darling candidates. the fact of discovering the Selection from the other side, of seeing certain characters again, all of that is really appreciable. In short, I loved it and I feel that the time will be long until the sequel arrives!