J. R. R. Tolkien – The Hobbit Audiobook

J. R. R. Tolkien – The Hobbit Audiobook

The Hobbit Audiobook – By J. R. R. Tolkien

I waited a long time before reading Bilbo, the Hobbit… Not that history did not tempt me, on the contrary, but I had not found the little trigger that would make me pass the course. Yet I read several ofworks Tolkien’s : The Lord of the Rings, Faerie, Unfinished Tales and Legends… and I loved them all. And then, Peter Jackson released his first album, which made me decide to buy the novel. the second film was the trigger to finally start reading the work.


I of course loved Bilbo’s story. I even have trouble leaving it. It’s a bit as if I had the impression of not having really finished the story… There are a lot of similar points there with the Lord of the Rings, but Bilbo remains, in my opinion, lighter, funnier . Tolkien lays the foundations of his trilogy there while keeping an aspect of children’s story. The story is read more easily, with more enthusiasm and it is, in my opinion, quite suitable for young readers. I read The Lord of the Ringsabout ten years ago now, and despite the fact that the trilogy is one of my literary favorites, I still have a memory of a rather laborious reading. certain times. We find, of course for Bilbo,gift Tolkien’s for making his stories rich and full of wonders. I also really appreciated the narrator’s asides. It’s a bit like Tolkien telling us his story himself. And that gives a little touch of playfulness too.


My reading was also very pleasant thanks to the edition that I bought. the book itself is very pleasant to handle and read. the quality paper, white and the ink that does not spread over the pages as soon as you have the misfortune to put a finger on the text is still very pleasant. I would therefore like to thank Éditions le Livre de Poche for that. JRR Tolkien – The Hobbit Audiobook.


Concerning the story itself. I knew what to expect, more or less, having seen the first two installments of thetrilogy Peter Jackson(although the second installment is a very, very free adaptation). However, I took real pleasure in discovering Bilbo’s trip. He’s a character that I really appreciate. It has many unsuspected qualities and just as many small flaws. You get attached to him very quickly. He does not have the makings of a hero and yet it is he who leads the boat throughout the novel. That’s what I appreciate about Tolkien, that kind of tolerance, of respect that makes it often the people you wouldn’t give credit to who are the best.


On the contrary, I found the Forest Elves, some dwarves and men sometimes contemptible. Their grandeur, their strength, their power sometimes make them too imbued with themselves, too selfish. the contrast with Bilbo was often striking. Thorin, for example, was never a character that I liked, despite his status as king and commander.


Of course, you don’t get bored for a single second. The adventures follow one another at the same time as we discover (or rediscover) Middle-earth as well as the various creatures that inhabit these places. There isn’t really any downtime throughout, so the end comes very quickly in a way. But, we have time to discover so many things and especially to see Bilbo evolve. I persist but this character is really the keystone of the novel. He’s the most interesting thing to me. I also wonder what Bilbo’s story would have been, ifTolkien could have rewritten it after The Lord of the Rings. It might be a strange idea, but I think it surely could have been interesting. JRR Tolkien – The Hobbit Audiobook.


There is also a small point that “disturbed” me, it is the change of names. Finally, I say change, but it’s only because I’m used to the terms of the Lord of the Rings… suddenly, I had a little trouble at the beginning, I did not have the same benchmarks we will say!


My first novel of the year and a crush, without any surprises. Choosing my next reading will not be easy.