Amy Ewing – The Jewel Audiobook

Amy Ewing – The Jewel Audiobook

The Jewel Audiobook – By Amy Ewing (The Lone City Book#1)


Mixed, but overall positive despite everything.


First of all, thank you to Collection R for their renewed confidence in this partnership.

When I discovered the cover of Le Joyau, I thought to myself that it probably wouldn’t be for me, after my experience with La Sélection. A cover of the same kind that did not inspire me at first. Then, we got the summary of the book, and … and I wanted to know more, anyway. It seemed to me a little less light in terms of script than thesaga Kiera Cass, and I thought that eventually, it could convince me more.

Just when I announced on my page that I was going to start it, a friend, Wandering World not to mention it (^^), nailed my beak with a reflection that I at least expected not. He told me (basically) that the Jewel made him think of a mix between The Hunger Games and The Selection.

There, I wondered if he had smoked something or what, because I saw no point in common between these two books, and therefore no way to tie them together in a third … And then, I started saying “We’ll see” … Amy Ewing – The Jewel Audiobook.

And in a few chapters, I completely understood what he meant. Indeed, in the idea, we still have a big (and quite improbable) mixture between these two novels. The Selection for princess dresses, royalty, luxury, and The Hunger Games for all that is preparations before the auction. Cinna (Katniss Everdeen’s preparer in The Hunger Games) and Lucien (who plays the role of preparer for Violet in The Jewel) also look very comfortable! I would not have believed that such a double inspiration was possible, and yet, it is quite obvious on reading.

But hey, I tried to put that aside and judge the book as a whole.


So the jewel is actually a little deeper (not much anyway) than La Sélection, and suddenly, a little more engaging. That said, it’s still a first volume Young Adult, namely that it is set up slowly, and given the theme, little action comes to the rescue of the 468 pages that make up this volume.

As is often the case in Young-Adult literature, I really found that nothing was pushed enough to blow our minds, even if we find the theme cool, interesting or original. I find it so unfortunate, and incomprehensible (why can’t a young adult have a little depth ??!) But I do not despair that an author manages to overcome what seems to be a general difficulty.

The life of Violet and the other residents of the institution before the sale could have been more detailed, they could have been more unhappy, which would have allowed them to see the sale as an issue, a relief, and then fall from the top. . But no, they are indeed torn quite young from their families (around 12 years old) but rather have a good life in their institute … I found it a shame not to create a real unhealthy universe around all that, history that we understand why surrogate mothers have not yet rebelled against the system!

We follow Violet’s adventure very easily, because as always, if it is not great “intellectual” literature, the Collection R offers us a work that is swallowed up very quickly, and the author’s pen is extremely fluid despite a few sides sometimes a little simplistic.

Violet and her companions did not seem particularly endearing to me, probably because in the end, we don’t know much about them. Young-adult fictional characters tend not to be mega-deep, but they are still nice and fun to follow.

We rather take pleasure in this reading, because the story is not at all uninteresting, remains original on the general idea, and has enough twists to keep our interest, but we still regularly regret certain ideas, or scenes , dangerously reminding us of other works, or the facilities we discover in reading so that the story is oriented in such and such a way.

Indeed, everything is going a little too fast and too easily to be credible (the love at first sight of Violet and Ash, in particular) (but that is personal, there are some who believe in love at first sight eh: D) . Apart from the big obstacles announced at the beginning of the book, I found that finally, Violet is not confronted with many pitfalls. Too bad, this novel could have been more exciting with more difficulties and confrontations. However, not in the universe created by Amy Ewing. There is nothing here to cook up something really dangerous where the adrenaline rushes would be rife.

So yes, there is more depth than in La Sélection, but it’s still rather light in my eyes. Amy Ewing – The Jewel Audiobook.

But I try never to be too severe with the first volume, always intended to lay the foundations. After all, I read it without complaint, with ease, and interest, quickly, and with relative pleasure that I did not shy away from. However, what I easily forgive on the first volume can become prohibitive from the second! So I hope that the sequel will convince me more to deserve a positive note, and that everything will not fall like a bellows as was the case for the La Selection saga.

I will therefore try the second opus when it comes out, hoping that it will confirm, or even increase my rating of 3/5 which I wanted positive despite a somewhat mixed final opinion.

I recommend this book to those who want a read that does not take the lead, not complicated and despite everything interesting.


See you in volume 2!