James Dashner – The Kill Order Audiobook

James Dashner – The Kill Order Audiobook

The Kill Order Audiobook (The Maze Runner Book #4)- By James Dashner

I enjoyed this 4th book as much as the three othernovels James Dashner. It has an uplifting rhythm, frequent twists and it presents a terrifying reality that chills your spine. This volume chronicles the events that took place before the three volumes previously released, including solar flares (and their direct consequences, for example floods and tsunamis) which have decimated a large part of the world’s population. This part is extremely realistic and paints a grim but plausible portrait of the situations in which possible survivors of New York City would find themselves. Then, it is the genesis of the appearance of the famous Ember virus, the consequences of which continue in the other stories, which is told. The characters are obviously not the same as in the other novels, but one becomes attached to them very quickly. It is through the eyes and memories of Mark that we live this adventure prior to volumes 1 to 3. This adolescent / young adult character (a constant in all the novels) joins a group of individuals to survive (a former soldier, a nurse, a childhood friend and other young people). He strives to remain strong and focused despite the series of nameless horrors he will have to face in order to survive. The end of the novel is interesting because it lets you guess what served as the premises for volume 1.

Without being great literature, this children’s novel is well translated, the plot is well put together and it will undoubtedly keep all the attention. From the young – and the not so young – reader, the short chapters are linked at a lightning speed and the action is at the rendezvous. As I noted for the previous books, what is most interesting about this series is that the main characters are young men who are constantly in the action. It appeals more to adolescents who are not always drawn to children’s literature or to reading in general. This reading is not for the faint of heart all the same, because there are several horrifying images, in that the novel looks more like the third volume in which the Ember virus as well as the people affected were more present than in the volumes 1 and 2.

I highly recommend reading this novel for teens and dystopia loving adults with lots of action.

Ah! Here is a magnificent tome! This prequel to the adventure of Thomas and the other boulders is at the level of the others, maybe even better than the 2 and 3 (in my opinion, of course). James Dashner manages to immerse us in the heart of the action with disconcerting ease, to worry about the lives of the “heroes”, to leave us suspense … The story is very well written and its content made me chattering teeth (okay, I’m exaggerating u a little). With still a problem to solve, Mark does not know the rest, and is confronted with several problems: first at the time of the solar flares which is told in the form of a nightmare, and at the same madness: indeed, the authorities gave the order to spread a virus to reduce the too large world population, but this virus escapes their control and infects too many people, with reactions of unimaginable follies (ex: eating his son, bumping voluntarily against a tree … .), then kill. This virus is nicknamed the Ember. The author uses Mark’s nightmares to flashbacks to his life right after the solar flares, made realistic with the present narrative.

Although with bloody content, especially towards the end, I liked this book a lot, which at the same time is half a satire of contemporary society because it is the authorities who order the distribution because there is too much of inhabitants on the planet, like a little today because the authorities do not care a little about the poor (they help them anyway …) and the rich-poor gap is increasing.