Mackenzi Lee – The Ladies Guide To Petticoats and Piracy Audiobook

Mackenzi Lee – The Ladies Guide To Petticoats and Piracy Audiobook


The Ladies Guide To Petticoats and Piracy Audiobook – By Mackenzi Lee

After having met Monty, Percy and briefly Felicity in The Adventures of a Gentleman’s Apprentice, it’s the young lady’s turn to reveal her story to us. Suffice to say that I was really curious to know more about Felicity.


The young woman aims to become a doctor. And for that, she will have to brave prejudices and go against everyone’s opinion. Because in the 18th century women were only good at getting married and keeping a house. But Felicity does not intend to let herself be controlled by men, let alone give up her dream.


Once again, the author, Mackenzi Lee, takes us on a crazy adventure around the world. Felicity, her hero, does not lack courage and will. I really appreciate his character for this very much. She does not intend to let herself be trodden on, let alone be belittled by men who consider that her dream of being a doctor is only a passing fad.


The strong point of the novel is – in my opinion – the feminist side. I found that the author was able to express her point of view while remaining very objective. It shows us the difficulty of a woman to follow through on her ambitions but also the prejudices they have to face. Because after all, at that time, in the minds of many, only a marriage proposal could interest a woman. The young Felicity has no shortage of ideas to reach the end of her project and that has a really refreshing side.


The Ladies Guide To Petticoats and Piracyis the story of Felicity but not only. Because on her way, the young woman will meet many people and in particular two, crucial. They will also have great importance in history and also portray two other “profiles” of women of the time. I liked these differences of opinions and appreciations, because it is ultimately together that they could achieve their ends.


Once again, I got carried away by this quest / world tour story. However, I admit having had the feeling of not going too far at times, a few lengths here and there but nothing too problematic. Our three heroines are endearing enough to overcome this and it remains a really enjoyable reading! In any case, I am delighted to have got to know the Lady Rebelle better!