M.L. Stedman – The Light Between Oceans Audiobook

M.L. Stedman – The Light Between Oceans Audiobook

The Light Between Oceans Audiobook – By M.L. Stedman

His greatness of soul and his selflessness, however substantial they may be, man is never quite master of his destiny. A temporary weakness is sometimes enough to permanently tarnish a life course marked until then by exemplary righteousness.

The Commonwealth of Australia participated actively alongside the Allies in World War I, sending a large contingent of soldiers to fight on European battlefields.

Tom Sherbourne is one of them. Decorated for his acts of bravery he returned physically intact to the country but disturbed by the horror scenes experienced on the other side of the world where many of his regimental friends remained forever. ML Stedman – The Light Between Oceans Audiobook.

The profession of lighthouse keeper is psychologically not within the reach of the first comer and the former soldiers, whose reliability is no longer to be demonstrated, have the favor of the authorities at the level of recruitment. Tom goes on three-year contracts on a tiny islet, Janus Rock, located at the confluence of the Southern and Indian Oceans.

The life of this Australian Robinson is nevertheless less painful since his recent marriage to Isabel who with enthusiasm came to live by his side.

On this day of April 1926, Janus Rock, is the scene of a small miracle. As Isabel recollects herself in front of the wooden cross under which their stillborn child has been lying for two weeks, Tom sees through his binoculars a canoe stranded on the shore. On board the lifeless body of a young man and, bundled up in a feminine garment, a baby screaming as much as he can.

Deeply believing, Isabel and Tom take in this little girl saved from the waters, whom they consider to be a heavenly gift. Out of love for Isabel in dire need of motherhood but despite common sense, Tom fails to report their incredible discovery and buries the corpse of the unknown.

The most wonderful period of their existence begins for lovers with little Lucy awakening to life at the foot of the lighthouse so big, so big.

But in this low world, where the wheel turns when you least expect it, moments of bewilderment come at a high price one day or another!

A Life Between Two Oceans”, the first novel by Australian ML Stedman, has been tears of tears since 2012 with readers around the world.

The main characters are whole and endearing. Their sometimes questionable behavior is always supported by a finely introduced psychological approach so that the reader never dissociates himself from it.

The narrative style is simply beautiful, straightforward and without any length. the outcome, where infinite sadness and humanity combine, is overwhelming.

All imbued with this multitude of passionate images, I finally calm this masterpiece overflowing with the tempestuous atmosphere of the South Seas.