James Dashner – The Maze Runner Audiobook

James Dashner – The Maze Runner Audiobook

The Maze Runner Audiobook (The Maze Runner Book#1)

I was desperate for it to happen, but a few days before the New Year, here it is: my biggest crush of the year! For me, this first volume is perfect from the first page to the last and for many reasons! It takes more novels like this, it is a pure success.

Thomas wakes up in the middle of several teenagers who surround him and stare at him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing here, how he got there. He doesn’t even know his age, or who his parents are … All he remembers is that his name is Thomas. He has no memory, only forebodings, such as the feeling of already knowing the place when everything seems unknown to him.

Each teenager has a very specific task within the Bloc, the place where they live. To survive, they must do a few small jobs well but above all keep busy, so as not to lose their mind. Thomas feels he must become a Runner; he knows nothing of the labyrinth, nothing of the environment in which everyone has survived for two long years, but he knows he must explore it.

Gaining the confidence of this whole group will not be easy, but there is much worse to come …

From reading the summary, I suspected that this novel would please me but I was far from suspecting myself at what point ! Despite the small details predictable at the beginning, the very mystery surrounding this labyrinth, this well-conducted intrigue, remains until the end, until the very last page! We have a lot of little clues from time to time, some characters understand things well before us, but nothing is revealed too early. the suspense is complete and omnipresent (or how to make us want to go to the end as quickly as possible). James Dashner – The Maze Runner Audiobook.

This first volume takes place in an enclosed space. the labyrinth may be filled with terrifying creatures, but I felt really oppressed in the Bloc, the teenage “headquarters”. in the evening, at a certain time, the doors close and whether or not they are in the Bloc, that does not change anything, they close. I think it’s oppression comes from there … It only added interest to my consuming curiosity to always know a little more. We just always want to know what will happen to a certain character or simply to life in this strange place.

Also, I really like the outline of the story in general. The chapters start out fairly simply, without much going on, and they always end with an unexpected or intriguing event. We can only continue to read over and over to discover all these secrets, all these mysteries, which hold in suspense! I also like the originality of the plot. There is a lot behind this simple labyrinth finally … We are far from being at the end of our surprises.

Every detail is well developed and exploited. So every thing, every situation, every person, every deed and even gesture, is important. The arrival of Thomas brings a lot of upheavals in the lives of all these teenagers and we can therefore count on many adventures! It’s incredible how this story hangs in order not to let go of us. There is always some interest in reading more, whether to discover a truth, solve a riddle … The more things go, the more questions we ask ourselves and the more we want the answers.

We follow several characters at the same time but we recognize them all very easily. They have some points in common like this irrepressible desire to survive, a great intelligence or this fiery temperament. But everyone has a way of behaving which leaves no room for doubt. moreover, the story is essentially centered on Thomas, even if he is not the narrator. But the others are not set aside, on the contrary!

Thomas is probably the one who thinks the most, who dares, who takes the most risks. Although a little reserved at first, he always takes a little more confidence.

Chuck, Thomas’ most loyal friend from day one, is the one who arrived at the Bloc just before him. He is therefore no longer a rookie even if he has only been there for a month but everyone still considers him as such. Rather, he’s the little outcast of the group. However, he is a great reinforcement for Thomas.

Newt and Minho were the quickest welcome to Thomas. They consider him all the time as a rookie who knows nothing but they always give him a bit of a chance, even if it took time to adapt. I really liked these two characters, they have what it takes of chief; they know how to make fair and effective decisions, taking into account the opinions of others and without fussing over them.

I clearly didn’t hate anyone, even though Alby, for example, is quite self-absorbed. He takes himself for the little boss, makes hasty decisions, little grateful and very impulsive … But he also has a certain courage that cannot be neglected. James Dashner – The Maze Runner Audiobook.

The author’s style is fluid and engaging. We turn the pages without seeing the time pass. Each chapter has its share of adventure and we are captivated by all these new situations which do nothing but follow one another. He thought of all the important details very easily, not including length. I was able to easily visualize each scene and it just adds even more interest to the story! I liked everything, I did not notice any gray area and I am already longing to read the rest (since I reached the middle of the novel in fact …)!

An original and captivating story that takes us in the guts from start to finish! the very concept, this labyrinth and all that it hides, is very interesting to discover and to follow. A big crush on a book that is well worth reading! the hardest part will be to wait for the rest, since the end gives us atrociously (the word is weak …) mouth watering. Here is my only disappointment: not to have the continuation on hand to link it directly behind this first volume.