Wes Moore – The Other Wes Moore Audiobook

Wes Moore – The Other Wes Moore Audiobook

The Other Wes Moore Audiobook – By Wes Moore

AN American novel that describes the journey of two children, both named Wes Moore, both African-American, both from the popular neighborhoods of Baltimore. One will become a distinguished student, the other will end up in prison.

The novel gives a vision of racial problems and poverty, as well as drug problems in the United States. Very quick to read, well written.

Wes Moore (the writer) gets a little annoying at times the way he puts himself forward.

Two children with a similar name lived in the equivalent rotting city. One proceeded to be a Rhodes Scholar, improved battle veteran, White House Fellow, and business pioneer. The other is carrying out a day to day existence punishment in jail. Here is the tale of two young men and the excursion of an age.

In December 2000, the Baltimore Sun ran a little piece about Wes Moore, a neighborhood understudy who had recently gotten a Rhodes Scholarship. A similar paper additionally ran a progression of articles around four youngsters who had purportedly murdered a cop in a marvelously bungled equipped theft. The police were all the while chasing for two of the presumes who had gone on the lam, a couple of brothers. One was named Wes Moore.

Wes just couldn’t shake off the disrupting happenstance, or the suspicion that the two shared substantially more than space in a similar paper. Subsequent to following the narrative of the burglary, the manhunt, and the preliminary to its determination, he composed a letter to the other Wes, presently an indicted killer carrying out a day to day existence punishment without the chance of parole. His letter probably posed the inquiries that had been frequenting him: Who right? How could this occur?

That letter prompted a correspondence and relationship that have gone on for quite a while. More than many letters and jail visits, Wes found that the other Wes had a daily existence much the same as his own: Both had experienced childhood in comparative areas and had troublesome childhoods, both were fatherless; they’d hung out on comparative corners with comparable groups, and both experienced run into difficulty with the police. At each phase of their young lives they had gone over comparative snapshots of choice, yet their decisions would lead them to amazingly various fates.

Told in exchanging emotional accounts that take perusers from tragic misfortunes to snapshots of amazing recovery, The Other Wes Moore recounts the tale of an age of young men attempting to discover their way in a threatening world.