Holly Black – The Queen of Nothing Audiobook

Holly Black – The Queen of Nothing Audiobook

The Queen of Nothing Audiobook – (The Folk of the Air, Book#3) By Holly Black

Not easy to go after the excellent The Wicked King. The bar was very high. Consequence: we end on a last volume below the previous ones. The Queen of Nothing was not the fireworks so hoped for, without being a disappointment.


I enjoyed the first chapters and I was delighted to find Jude again and to see that, despite the situation, she remained true to herself. This is the sequel that I regret a little. If I devoured this volume, like the previous ones, I still missed something: intensity. This intensity is present in The Cruel Prince and its sequel. I rediscovered these games of lessons and powers, only I felt no danger, no shivers in the face of what was happening.


I’m not denying that Jude faces tough opponents, and I’ve never felt threatened like before. There was no longer that atmosphere where you never know who to trust. In any case, I did not experience it as such and I missed it. And then, the author gave her plot a direction that is not uninteresting, but ultimately … not as surprising as that. We could have had something spectacular if it didn’t all end so quickly, so easily. This steep side hindered me to fully savor these last moments. Holly Black – The Queen of Nothing Audiobook.


Our heroine has undeniably gained confidence. Jude is this incredible human who maneuvers in the court of the fae as in conquered territory. She has learned from her mistakes and is being tougher than ever. She made her greatest weakness, her humanity, a strength. What a joy to see her assert her place in this Court which has treated her so badly. I am delighted with its evolution. What a road traveled !!

And my little Cardan, it remains one of my big favorites. I savored each of his appearances and I regret that there were not more. I invite you to read this novel to understand but… I missed it. That said, each of its moments is worth the detour. He knows how to make a strong impression. Do not change anything Cardan !!


And because my little heart holds a grudge, I was waiting for answers about certain characters. Everything did not go as I had imagined but… why not. I have not forgiven so far.


We find Jude just after his exile in the mortal world. To earn a living, she agrees to do odd jobs for the magical people living in the vicinity.

When her twin sister, Taryn, asks her to pretend to be her in Elfhame because she has big concerns, Jude doesn’t hesitate.

It will be an opportunity for her to return to her lands, find a way to reclaim power, take revenge on Cardan, and keep a close watch on Madoc.


Spoilers !!


This last volume closes the trilogy in style. The evolution of Jude was very interesting to follow as well as that of Cardan and Taryn.

They all grew up in a cruel, merciless, violent universe, … To see them express sweeter feelings was welcome :).


No downtime in this tome where the action is linked. Jude will have to make decisions, not make mistakes about the people around him, show authority, …

His relationship with Madoc is complicated. Yes, he killed his parents but he also raised her. She has every reason to hate him but we can sense his ambivalence at times.


But the relationship that really kept me going is obviously the Jude / Cardan relationship. With their respective pasts, it is difficult for them to trust, to count on someone, to share their feelings,… Holly Black – The Queen of Nothing Audiobook.

And yet, they fail to stay away from each other.


The end of the novel has some surprises in store for me and ends on a positive note.

A very good last novel which made me regret reaching the last page.


I leave Elfhame on a mixed note but we do not separate angry. I have had great adventures there and I do not regret any time spent there. The Queen of Nothing isn’t the explosive finale I expected but I still had a great time. Largely thanks to Jude and Cardan, whom I find it hard to leave. I will certainly return to see them when reading this saga again. I highly recommend it to you. Read this series, you won’t regret it !!