J. R. R. Tolkien – The Return of The King Audiobook

J. R. R. Tolkien – The Return of The King Audiobook

The Return of The King Audiobook – (The Lord of The Ring Book #3) – By J. R. R. Tolkien

With “The Return of the King” end in an apocalypse crash the last fights of the War of the Ring.

As the continent grows in darkness, heralding the dawn of a new era for the people of the Hobbits, Frodo continues his business.

While he could not pass through the Black Gate, he wonders how to reach the Mount of Destiny. Perhaps it is too late: the Dark Lord is mobilizing his troops.

The Rohirrim no longer have time to put an end to the besieged traitor in the impregnable tower of Orthanc; they must come together to face the enemy.

Trying his luck once again, Frodo goes through the High Pass, where he will be delivered to the abominable Arachne. Will he survive his dangerous journey through the Black Country?

Fortunately we can relive this wonderful epic again and again, through books, through films, which remains what will have them makes the best Audiobook !

Would we have had the right to this re-translation without them? I’m not sure. So yeah like I said before some names are changing, well, ok. This is a bit shocking at the start (and again since there, I still waited a year between the 2nd and the 3rd). But it’s not crippling, the main characters keeping their “original” names, if I may say so, apart from Sylvebeard who becomes Barbebois (and that’s what shocks the most for him, lol!), Because moving from Frodo to Frodo, well, it’s not insurmountable either (and it’s weird because I didn’t remember that in the first two, but sometimes you can call me “Dori”, let’s move on …) .

We therefore begin this last volume of The Return of The King Audiobook on the bursting of the community: Gandalf and Pippin left at the end of volume 2 towards Minas Tirith. Aragorn prepares to take “the Paths of the Dead” with Legolas and Gimli the two friends, leaving Eomer and Theoden, who would like Eowyn to stay away from the battlefields. Eowyn, the only strong and somewhat developed female character in this book, which will have its magnificent hour of glory, and it is true that in this, the book “dates” a little, although, finally, quite avant-garde seen the time of writing, to keep in mind for all old and less old readers!

I will quickly pass on the rave reviews linked to my fan-attitude towards this book, closely linked to the epic breath that carries the trilogy from start to finish, to the characters so just and so “human” (even not human). I’ll just dwell on Frodo for a little while. In the movies, I know he annoys a bit. He seems weak and all the credit for Sam comes out even more. But in the books, where we know “from the inside” what he saw, and how heavy this damn ring weighs, we can only better measure the sacrifices he makes and the difficulty of his task. So yes, Sam is the essential foil, but the foil is highlighted by the hero, and in the end, all this chaos gives rise to the establishment of an order that ends up being balanced. with infinite grace.

What talent, what mastery, what …. !!! I stop, I said!

There you go, it’s over. I have in my shelves, the two trilogies, the old version and the new one. I cannot say which one is better, because the old one, I read it a long time ago and I cannot make a “quality” comparison. However, I still have here, in this third volume, one thing to say a little negative: I found the somewhat heavy and sometimes repetitive style that tiresome in the previous version in all the volumes, in the first half. So I think that here, it is Tolkien’s writing that has become a bit heavy, and that neither of the translators has much to do with it.

There seems to be a desire on the part of the author to instill a certain solemnity in the exchanges and the dialogues from the moment when Aragorn is recognized as king, Pippin and Merry have lost much of the lightness that they have at the beginning of the saga , being separated, and as we no longer see too much the “comic” duo Legolas / Gimli, it takes a lot of slack, Denethor still being an ugly nightcap (This is where we realize the talent of Tolkien for his characters). suddenly, advancing in the book is slower and more laborious on the first 100 pages in the passages devoted to Minas Tirith and Rohan than in the first two volumes, at least I found, I had difficulty in dive back into it. The Return of The King Audiobook free.

Everything becomes much easier to read when we find Sam and Frodo and the adventure draws to a close, between their progress and the battle on the other side!

But hey, apart from this little “empty passage” (I also spend on the appendices a bit indigestible, that’s not the essence of the subject, just interesting for purists), it was, is and will remain that happiness, as far as I’m concerned, old version, new version, whatever …




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