Kiera Cass – The Selection Audiobook

Kiera Cass – The Selection Audiobook

The Selection Audiobook (The Selection Book#1)

First of all I must admit that if I bought this book it was “just for the cover”! She called me, well wedged in the middle of the shelves of children’s novelties of the bookstore, and unlike Ulysses (but must say that no one had tied me to the mast of a boat that day!), I did not have could not resist the songs of the Sirens of the Selection! In my defense, it must be said that this R collection has something to make us dream of! I just had to look at the cover to want to see it more closely, to touch this book, Kiera Cass – The Selection Audiobook.

ah, it’s very soft and I really like the feeling under the fingers of the characters in relief of the title, and what to say about this hypnotic turquoise blue … Well, I stop there, but you will have understood that the object book in itself is simply irresistible!


Besides, I didn’t take the time to read the summary before boarding it, I was already won over! I know, it’s crazy, to go blind like that with a book but “no, nothing, no, I don’t regret anything”! I was still a little scared when I read the summary: what? Another reality TV for Prince Charming to find his princess? It doesn’t remind you of anything, but it does, remember … “The Bachelor”, it is, it comes back to you? No, but frankly, this is a topic more than obsolete these days, so what interest? Especially since thinking about this kind of concept, this is what comes to my mind: useless, cutesy and totally stupid, and “I will still lose neurons if I look at this!”. Well, it got off to a bad start and is that the idea I got from this book after reading it you ask? Well, I would have only one thing to say: nay!


Once again, we must not be fooled by appearances … Even if the basic subject is not very innovative, we let ourselves be drawn by and into the story from the first pages. We have to admit it, even at my very advanced age, I must admit that, yes, this novel woke up the little candy pink princess buried in me (very deep … well … maybe not that much !) who dreams of Prince Charming (but who is seriously starting to wonder if he really exists!). If you are part of the midinettes gang like me and your blue flower side is well established, this book is for you! But beware, it is far from boiling down to romance, no, don’t worry, there is much more to discover with this book! Follow the guide …


From the start, we find ourselves immersed in a world different from ours, the country of Illéa, where a caste monarchy reigns where everyone is parked, labeled, and from which it is difficult to escape, even through marriage … It is a post-“third world war” world where, for a large part of the people, injustice, hunger, fear reign … In short, nothing very encouraging in all of this! Especially when we discover at the beginning of the book the character of Aspen who struggles to provide for his family … Ah, how to resist this boy, strong, courageous and handsome in addition, which does not spoil anything? Impossible ! That’s why, despite their caste differences and the prohibition that this included, America couldn’t resist becoming his girlfriend. They are both a very beautiful couple, full of hope, dreams and promises … It makes you dream! We tell ourselves that this is it, despite all the difficulties of their respective lives, they have found their prince and their princess! But let’s not go too fast …


All that was before … before America was called to the selection! There is a tradition in the land of Illéa which wants the prince to elect his princess during a reality TV game in which 35 suitors will appear. Each girl of age to be selected therefore receives a summons! At first, and despite her mother’s incessant pleas, America refuses to take a chance. Why would she want to marry this prince she does not know when she knows she has found the man of her dreams? Ironically, it is the latter who will push her to agree to become one of these potential “future princesses”. Reassured despite everything, America says to herself that she has no chance of entering the selection, it’s a five, the prince will surely marry a two or a one. But you can imagine, otherwise the story would not be funny, it will obviously find itself propelled into the very heart of the implacable machine of the selection! And there is the drama… Kiera Cass – The Selection Audiobook.


In fact no, not even! Aspen drops her (nice guy!) So that she feels free to act as she wishes and she arrives at the castle of Illéa to meet Maxon, the mysterious prince … charming! You can tell from the start that their relationship is unique and different, they almost base themselves on an equal footing, become friends, and I loved seeing America sent the prince out for a walk and not being faced with him! He must have kept some bruises … It’s interesting to see their relationship evolved over the course of the book and it suggests that their friendship at the start could turn into something bigger, more serious. To have !


As for the selection process, I was a bit surprised! I didn’t feel the reality TV side of it at all (to my delight, because I hate it!), Other than a few references to looking for cameras, we don’t “feel” them, that remains a piece of decor that we forget very quickly. When the other girls, they have all the typical patterns of reality TV princesses, the nice, the discreet, the bitchy, the follower, … everything is there to give you a glimpse, very feminine, of the society of Illéa. I regretted, however, that they were not, with the exception of two of them, more developed. I’m sure it could have gotten even more interesting … but we only have one point of view throughout the story, that of America. Well, that’s not bad either, eh! the must in this “contest” was to imagine the beautiful dresses, hairstyles, adornments, dinners, receptions … ah, what wouldn’t we give to live the life of the castle? I was moved by the strawberry pies episode, by the way, it’s always hard to imagine that other people don’t have enough to eat, like us. A real slap in the face! Because despite the fact that she is locked in a cocoon of frills and gilding, America does not forget who she is and where she comes from, a real happiness for us!


Because this young girl, the center of the novel, has character and knows how to show it! She does not let herself be taken down in front of Maxon or Celeste, she remains herself, in jeans while the others constantly wear dresses (I loved this point!), Natural while the others cover themselves with rhinestones and sequins , she remains true, without artifice, she says what she thinks, acts as she wants to do it without worrying about the gaze of others. He’s a very strong and meaningful character for me. Honestly, she blew me away and I got attached to her from the start. We immediately want to follow her, to see what will happen … After all, the beginning of this whole story is the sacrifice she made for her family by agreeing to join the selection, so that ‘they have more money, they live better … America Singer is just awesome! I only regret that we can’t hear the book characters singing or hear them play music … Ah, maybe one day …


But back to the other characters and especially to America’s family! I really liked her mother, although she slaps the system a bit, we can see that she loves her daughter and that she only wishes the best for her. But above all, I totally fell in love with the character of America’s little sister, May. She’s just adorable and the letters she sends to her sister are just hilarious. I loved seeing her catch fire on the relationship between her sister and Maxon, on her outfits and her potential chances of becoming the Princess of Illéa, a real treat! America has a slightly wacky but totally adorable family! Just like his little brother, Gerad, who only dreams of being able to play football, when he is forbidden by the caste system. Kiera Cass – The Selection Audiobook.


What is interesting in this book, at least in my opinion, is precisely the confrontation of the castes which the arrival of America in the life of Maxon provokes. She will open her eyes to the living conditions of people from lower castes, like herself, and show her that their life, filled with prohibitions, is far from being a long quiet river. Hidden such a societal reflection under romantic pretexts as the author does is quite simply brilliantly found! We also feel that it is reciprocal, since America will also discover, through the renegade attacks, that Maxon’s life is not as smooth as it seems. A kind of mutual discovery leads them to give us an overview of this futuristic world created by the author and which is not anti-realistic, far from it! In any case, it is these small details of the daily life of the inhabitants of Illéa that touched me the most in this book, far behind the romance side … Even if I have to admit it, I will have a lot, but then it would be hard to wait until 2013 to find out who, Maxon or Aspen, America will choose! No, but what an idea to end with such suspense!


Well, you will understand, I totally adored this novel, I did not let go once I started, it reads by itself, the writing is simple without being silly, and I fell in love with the character from America, a real princess at heart, one of those we would like to have as a queen one day … It’s a very good novel, I would even say a crush on me! I can only advise you to read it, you will not regret it! It’s funny, serious, sad, playful, … it takes you through all the emotional stages but above all it does not leave you indifferent and it gives you food for thought! Must read!