Amy Ewing – The White Rose Audiobook

Amy Ewing – The White Rose Audiobook

The White Rose Audiobook – (The Lone City Book#2)

The Jewel – Volume 2: The white rose ofAmy Ewing. (Gender: Youth, Dystopia).

Editions: Robert Laffont

Price: 17.90 € (Partnership)

French publication

year: 2015publication year: 2015

OriginalOriginal version title: The Lone City, Book 2: The White Rose.

Summary (SPOILERS ON VOLUME 1!): The Jewel, high place and heart of the Lonely City, represents vanity, cruelty, servitude. After the Duchess of the Lake surprises her with Ash, the companion she had hired for her niece, Violet no longer has a choice, she must run away or be executed. Accompanied by her best friend, Raven, and Ash, Violet therefore leaves behind her life as a slave. But no one said getting out of the Jewel would be a piece of cake: the regiments stalk them mercilessly through the rings of the Lonely City. Violet, however, will discover that her powers are much more powerful than she had imagined …

My opinion: volume 1 of the trilogy “the Jewel” had been a very good read. I loved this rather dark YA universe dealing with a topical issue. I was therefore eager to read volume 2 since the end of the 1st book had surprised me by the turn that the story was taking. Suffice to say that the cover is really beautiful. The R Collection having taken the original image, it’s really sublime! Before launching into the story, I had not reread the summary. However, I had seen mixed reviews … so I left perplexed. In the end, I had a great time reading. I would even say that this volume 2 is a little above its predecessor!

From the start, the author plunges us directly into history. Chapter 1 begins where the last chapter of Book 1 left off. suddenly we are in the action and on all fronts. Violence is at the rendezvous. From this 1st chapter, a person will die: the author is not in the lace. It is therefore a beginning which encourages the reader to continue reading. I was immediately taken by this intrigue. I asked myself a lot of questions about Violet’s potential survival. It’s really a Chapter 1 that sets the tone.

If Violet remains the central character of the story, the secondary ones will have more importance in this 2nd volume. This is what delighted me. Violet will strongly evolve in ” The white rose “. If she is still hungry for freedom, she will realize a lot of things in the Lonely City. She is a young girl who does not hesitate to protect others at the expense of her life. Violet is selfless, strong, reckless and at times stubborn. She is a heroine with a temper of steel. She also has her little weaknesses, like the feelings she has for the people she loves. Its evolution will be remarkable from half of the book. She will become even stronger psychologically and she will reveal herself to herself. I love it ! Ash, Garnet and Raven will also play a vital role in the story. Everyone will carry the story. The author digs into Ash’s story. And we have some material on Raven’s story when she was in the Stone House. good characters, with their temperaments, their qualities and their faults.

The pace really seemed excellent to me. Even though the first 200 pages are devoted to a chase in the Lonely City, it is no less interesting. We can blame the author for having gone the long way but the various points discussed during this race allow us to better know the characters and the universe. Once past these 200 pages, everything accelerates, we have revelations, reversals of the situation. The author places her ideas, brings out a plan for her characters. The chapters are sometimes long but we are so eager for curiosity that we can not help but read. Amy Ewingmakes the plot addictive by building her narrative. volume 2 of transition turns out to be a basic volume for the 3rd volume!

The universe of the Jewel and the Lonely City is more developed for our greater happiness. The author develops the little fantastic side that we saw in volume 1. She teaches us more about the history of the City, its construction as well as the circles. Moreover, the chase makes the reader realize the size of the City and the difference between the circles. It’s a universe that really fascinated me by the turn it was taking. I never thought the author would go in that direction. Personally, I loved it and can’t wait to learn more.

quillAmy Ewing’s is very simple but it is highly addictive. I did not stop turning the pages and in two days, the 400 pages of the book were swallowed. She has a way of describing the scenes and narrating them that makes the plot punchy and easy to imagine. Moreover, the feelings of the characters are well transcribed. I was sometimes sorry and sometimes happy when Violet had these feelings. The last 100 pages are amazing. By the evolution of the universe but also by the reversals of situation. Besides, the end stuck me. I couldn’t help but shiver so much I didn’t expect it. I can’t wait to read the last volume of this trilogy. Amy Ewing has developed a world that is becoming more complex and where the revolution is about to be led by a strong and dynamic heroine. the Jewel is a series to read, I recommend it!