The Wolves of the Calla – The Dark Tower 5 Audiobook

The Wolves of the Calla – The Dark Tower 5 Audiobook

The Wolves of the Calla – The Dark Tower 5 Audiobook



Once a generation, dozens of equestrian wolf masks on the same gray horses arrive in Kallas and take one child with them from each pair of twins born during the period. By and large, it may not seem crazy, because the children are returned after 4-6 weeks, but the hook is that those who return are no longer human, but shells. They do not know how to speak, eat or settle themselves, etc. The Wolves of the Calla – The Dark Tower 5 Audiobook .

The book begins with a meeting of the people of Kallas, where the mood is that it is high time to put an end to this insanity and drive the wolves away forever! Fortunately, several riflemen travel nearby, following the beam, with the help of which it would be possible to do so. All that remains is to make sure that it is worth throwing a bend.

The second story of the book is related to New York and Calvin Tower of our world, a man who sold Jake a book about the train Charlie the Choo-Choo and a puzzle book. What a coincidence, if not the same That finger, that exactly he owns the land with Rose! This rose is very special and unique, which knows, perhaps because of it, the Dark Tower has not yet collapsed. The only problem is that there is another interested buyer who uses Enrico Balazar’s services to persuade him to sell the land directly to them. This is not the first time we have met Enrico. This may be a different dimension and a different version of him, but Roland and Eddie can attest that Enrico did not end successfully at the time.

The fifth book in the Dark Tower series is dominated by the theme of secrets. If allowed, their power may be so great that no external enemy is needed to break Roland’s cat. One of these secrets is the appearance of a new personality in Susan. She calls herself Mia, and she is most likely the end result of Susan’s struggle with the demon when Jake returns. Maybe that would be a trifle if not for the fact of Mias / Suzanna’s pregnancy. It is impossible to predict what devastation this demon child would start! Around this aspect, the author also touched on the topic of abortion.

The long road has had lasting consequences for Roland’s health. He is worried about whether he will be able to reach the tower if his health deteriorates. Sometimes the joint pain becomes unbearable, but Roland does not want to show it to his comrades, certainly not before the wolves arrive in Kalla. I would also like to add it to the great secrets of the book’s characters. Judging by the title of the next book, it seems to go away with removing the consequences of the long-kept Mias / Suzanna mystery.

It was a great surprise to hear the heroic mention of King’s novel ‘Salem’s Lot’ openly; good that i had already read it. 🙂 This is because in Kalla Roland ka-tet meets Pastor Kalahan – the story of his arrival in Kalla was great! And again, another “coincidence” between the pastor’s name and the name of the city! He becomes Roland and the rest of the trustee.

The only concern about the book’s audio was at the beginning, hearing that both the book’s speaker and the publishing house had changed.The Wolves of the Calla – The Dark Tower 5 Audiobook

It took a while for me to get used to the altered voices of the characters (mostly ‘Oy’), but once that was done, I was left to enjoy the work itself. The author’s surname then also follows the reason why such a change had to be made.