Stephen King – Throttle Audiobook

Stephen King – Throttle Audiobook Free

Stephen King – Throttle Audiobook Free
Stephen King – Throttle Audiobook Free


I liked it less than his previous storybook. That anthology felt better planned than this, however I cannot deny that Hill’s style, like that of her father, always catches me.
I comment story by story, because then I forget them:
– Throttle. Okay. I had read it before. Good collaboration with Stephen King. A tribute to Matheson’s “Duel”, but now a group of motorcyclists and a trucker. I liked the story, and the way to justify the actions of the trucker. An alternate theme is the relationship of parents and children, and as far as you can feel responsible and accept the behavior of a misguided child. Stephen King – Throttle Audiobook Free .
– Dark Carousel. Okay. Two young couples have fun at the fair until they get on a strange carousel and their night changes completely. Hill develops his characters very well and what is happening very much in the style of his father, but the best and most terrifying comes at the end.
– Wolverton Station. Regular. An entrepreneur gets on a train with a person disguised as a wolf, or so he thinks. It has moments of good scare, but in general I did not like it very much.
– By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain. Very good, but sad. Children find something on the shore of the lake near which they live. I really liked the children’s vision of everything that happens, I liked the handling of feelings and history. Everything is fine, but the situation is nostalgic and sad.
– Faun. Okay. Homage to Ray Bradbury. A hunter is about to retire, but by saving the life of a hunting companion, he invites him to a very special hunting place. I liked the premise and the ending, although it shuffles a bit.
– Late Returns. Beautiful. Only for this story is the book worth buying. A trucker loses his parents, who commit suicide in order not to give him problems due to the deterioration of his health. Returning home leads to becoming the driver of the Bookmobile at the local public library. A love story of books and loved ones before their departure. With a touch of great Sci Fi. I was touched and loved.
– All I Care About is You. Regular shooting bad. In a futuristic world, a poor girl wants everything her rich friends have, starting with a new face and a visit to see the stars. Part of your wishes come true thanks to an automaton. Difficult to follow and understand the beginning, then it is composed a lot, but the end made me very sad.
– Thumbprint. Okay. A retired military woman serves drinks at a bar, and on impulse makes a mistake, and after that she will start receiving envelopes containing blank sheets with a fingerprint. Your mistake will cost you dearly, but not as we all expected. The structure, mystery, and resolution are very adequate, although the story is rather dark.
– The Devil in the Staircase. Regular. An attempt at a fable, where a boy who lives on top of a mountain discovers a secret staircase that, according to what they say, leads directly to hell. I didn’t like the story in general, but the way it solves it, the way the title devil ends up stepping in, I did quite like it.
– Twittering from the Circus of the Dead. Okay. Excellent use of Twitter messages to tell us a story. Excellent teenage point of view. Very dark and terrifying story.
– Mums. Very good. Booms, Jack’s mother pretends to take him to see his great-great-grandmother, but his father prevents it. Booms’ family is not a normal family, and Jack’s father’s intentions aren’t innocent either. Good combination of suspense and real mystery with supernatural elements. In the end it is up to the reader to know what actually happened. Very well run and very well resolved.
– In the Tall Grass. Okay. Story written with Stephen King. I had already read it before. Very good handling of the isolation that involves getting into the overgrown grass, and very good handling of the scares and suspense. As things are resolved I did not like it as much, but in general it is a very good story. With the seal of the house.
– I are Released. Okay. From the point of view of several passengers we experience what would happen on an airplane when a world war breaks out. Interesting thanks to the different points of view by sex, age, ethnic group and education. Stephen King – Throttle Audiobook .