Veronica Roth – Insurgent Audiobook

Veronica Roth – Insurgent Audiobook

Insurgent Audiobook – By Veronica Roth




To say that I was impatiently awaiting this second volume is an understatement since the first volume was a real crush and I was in a hurry: that Insurgent finally comes out! It’s done now, and I was quick to throw myself on it!

This second volume resumes directly after the end of volume 1, nothing has changed since the dramatic events of the first volume, we find them where we left them and we therefore get to the heart of the matter without any ‘reminder’ was not written, which made the first few pages laborious because, other than Tris and Four, I couldn’t remember exactly who the people with them were. So I decided to reread a few passages from Divergent to refresh my memory .. and I found myself rereading the entire book because I had missed it xD. Once finished, I went back to the second volume and everything was going much better!

This volume is full of twists and surprises. I often wondered what was going to happen to them after the first book, what they were going to decide to do, where they were going to go, and frankly I didn’t think that there would be so much going on, if not much time.

The atmosphere is strange. Everyone, all factions are shaken by what has happened, and even if some are not directly concerned, their leaders must also make decisions for the good of all but especially their own. Which just adds another layer to that oppressive feeling, that feeling that everything can – and will – go wrong again.

We discover a lot more about the different factions, their members, but we also learn more about the non-factions. There are also secrets, political negotiations, actions and manipulations that take place between certain people, certain factions. In fact there are hardly any moments of respite, and we drool as much as our heroes. It is really not easy for them, they are torn from all sides. It gets complicated very often, nothing goes as planned, which increases the feeling that nothing is under control and that the worst can happen at any time.

It’s quite taxing to read, especially when things don’t turn out the way you want them to, or a character isn’t doing what you expected of him. Other than that, it’s just plain good to read. This sequel is awesome and full of events makes us completely addicted, if it wasn’t already the case before!

As in the first volume, the characters, Tris and Four in the lead, are excellent. It is a great pleasure to find them (especially Four ok I admit !!). As far as Tris is concerned, I have to say that she impressed me as much as she annoyed me at times. It’s not easy for her after everything she went through in the first book, everything she had to do willingly or not, everything she lost. She is still so strong, so courageous, but now she must face the repercussions of her actions. She is in pain both physically and internally, but she holds on most of the time. However, I did not always understand her decisions and actions, especially after having lost so much .. sometimes she seems so stubborn that we wonder if she does not do it on purpose just to annoy us!

On the side of Four, what to say apart from that it is even better than in the previous volume? Favorite confirmed as far as I am concerned. I loved discovering more about him, his past, his family, discovering some more secrets he kept hidden, and I hated it when he drooled! This guy is awesome, perfection embodied, he impresses me all the time and my little heart loves his way of being with Tris!

Their relationship to both is more mature, deeper than before, simply more beautiful, but it is also more tense and chaotic with everything that is going on, everything that has not been said or said too late. , and which ultimately harms them at one time or another. They are so beautiful together that I never stopped worrying about them. Veronica roth knows how to please us and make us angry that’s for sure!

The other characters are too numerous for me to dwell on, but it was great to discover some of them in more detail, to know more about them, to be sometimes surprised, disappointed or even shocked by what the we learn ..

The end is awful! Cut in the middle of an important event, without us being able to fully understand, letting us see the path that the next volume will take. Grrr it’s really not nice to do this to us. It’s as frustrating as possible!

I want the rest, I want to understand, I want to know everything and above all I want to find my favorites without having to wait so long (Veronica Roth indicated on her blog that the 3rd and last volume was scheduled for fall 2013 Arghhh!) . I love this saga too much, it drives me crazy !!