Walter Isaacson – Einstein His Life And Universe Audiobook

Walter Isaacson – Einstein His Life And Universe Audiobook

Einstein His Life And Universe Audiobook – Walter Isaacson




Walter Isaacson brings his attention and his pen to the life of one of the most important characters to ever walk the earth. Albert Einstein. Going through his entire life step by step and year after year, from his childhood to the turning point with the most famous equation ever written. Isaacson analyzes Einstein, showing his most human and intimate part, his problems and his fears.


The richness of this biography is not only in the life of the character, but also in the way it is told, with quotes, phrases and tales of people who have been close, lived, respected and even upset Einstein. The development and the conversations entertain us as a novel would, the name and surname of certain statements are always mentioned, complete with appendices.


The deepening of the events is almost maniacal, we will know the life of Albert Einstein in every single year, despite this, it is never boring, the reading is smooth and pleasant, it becomes a slightly difficult in the chapters that tell the theory of relativity, going to describe thought experiments that require some reflection before resuming reading. I can guarantee that after some thought and effort in learning such experiments and reasoning, this famous theory will appear much “clearer”. It will also help to understand and understand the second part of Einstein’s life, who will devote himself to opposing quantum mechanics as opposed to his general relativity.


It facilitates the pleasure in reading, obviously the person directly interested in the biography, having always been an interesting and interested character, curious and rebellious, against all forms of authoritarianism, a reason that most of all perhaps pushed his mind not to accept the laws of physics in force until now and completely overturning them, philosophies that will also lead him to have an almost political role and position.


Second biographical work I read by Walter Isaacson, after that of Steve jobs, I must say that this biography is superior in everything (without taking anything away from Jobs), both in the life of the character and in the deepening of it, internal and external, in in the midst of world wars, racial laws, escapes, political and philosophical commitments, the extraordinary that we are told is an incredible life, of a simple and curious person not without defects but with humanity and the very simplicity of living at heart .