Gayle Forman – Where She Went Audiobook

Gayle Forman – Where She Went Audiobook

Where She Went Audiobook – By Gayle Forman




Starting point: Adam. 3 years after Mia’s accident. We had met him at the hospital. He had left a concert to go to the bedside of the one he loves. He had begged her to stay. Even if it means losing it. But he wanted her to live.

Today, Adam and his group are rock stars adored by young people. the dream came true then nightmares. Because Adam can no longer go out to buy a record, drink a coffee or take a walk in a park without being recognized, pursued, harassed, photographed. His life no longer belongs to him. Gorging himself on Médoc to survive, Adam is an empty shell. Even music no longer means anything to him. And his friends, the band members, barely support him. Not enough to make a scandal out of it, he can’t stand either.

One evening, he decided to postpone his trip to the next day – no question of taking a plane on a Friday the 13th – and on the advice of his manager, he left to get lost in town. He wanders for hours. Until he found himself in front of Mia’s eyes. The one who has never left her thoughts is giving a recital tonight. So Adam decides to go listen to him. As if the music could make her understand why she left, as if the music could help her forgive her.

End of the concert. Adam is preparing to leave, to return to wander the streets of the city. But Mia wants to see him.

And the night has only just begun.

This time the story is told from Adam’s point of view. There is an alternation between past moments and the present. We are entitled to the distant past – when he went out with Mia – and at least the distant past – after he woke up. These flashbacks allow us to have another vision of events. Not only are we entitled to another point of view at the level of the Mia / Adam relationship, we can see what were the expectations, the hopes and the joys of Adam; but in addition, Adam tells us what happened right after Mia woke up.

Because yes, she chose to live. But that was only the first step. He had to accept the death of his parents and his brother, undergo operations and rehabilitation, and learn to live again. And in this whole process, Adam was present. We see that he gave of himself for Mia. suddenly, we are angry, ulcerated to learn that she left him without telling him why. That she just quit. Without telling him she was getting off the train. She let it fall like an old sock without giving him the slightest explanation.

For Adam, this story is not over. He could never put an end to it. And she undermines him. She gnaws at him. Makes him lose his bearings. The meteoric rise of the group adds another layer. He has to grieve a relationship but cannot. Mia had painted for us the portrait of a young man smiling, sure of himself and confident in his future. We find an anxious young man, almost paranoid, on the verge of a crisis of hysteria and close to depression. A hell of a mixture that could make it not appreciated. Or but … the image of the smiling young man is still present in mind. So we continue our reading, hoping to find him, this young man smiling and sure of himself. The one that made Mia crack.

And when Adam finds himself facing Mia, we just want to see him scream: “Why?”. But nothing is that simple.

That’s when a race against time begins: Adam has a plane to London the next day at 5 p.m. and Mia is due to fly to Japan soon after. How in one night will they be able to make up for 3 years of unspoken? They will both rediscover each other.

This book is certainly less touching than the first, in fact it’s quite difficult to do more touching than the first. However, as the two characters are aware and there is a real exchange between them, the pace is more sustained. We walk in space and time. Which is a plus compared to the second.

But this does not mean that we do not have the tear which points the tip of his nose.

For my part, I really liked this novel which tackles several points in a transversal way. First, the life of celebrities. Not of all of course, we are not going to generalize the case of Adam to all the stars, that would be wrong. But he must have had one or the other in the case of Adam. And there must be more than one person on Earth who is as distraught as he is. Which only holds thanks to the Médoc and the pressure of the people around them. People who are empty shells, who are just sinks of suffering. Gayle Forman – Where She Went Audiobook .

Another point that touched me is the fact that we are interested in Adam. Adam is not part of the family. It was neither his father, nor his mother, nor his little brother who died. And yet he knew them, shared moments with them. Yes, the loss Mia suffered is appalling, but Adam suffered too. We press around her, we avoid any shock, anything that could rush her or bring back bad memories. But him ? Who held his hand? Who helped him? Who dried her tears? Who whispered “It’s going to be okay” to her?

This is one of the strong points of this story, making us aware of Adam and all the people who are close without being a close one ….

I really liked this reading, nevertheless even if it is not essential to understand it, I think you must have read the first volume in order to fully appreciate it.

One of the only negative points, one that really messed me up. This is the slip !! No, but we must stop on the one hand imposing them on us by printing them directly on the cover and on the other hand, we must stop comparing everything to Twilight !! These two stories (and I think I had mentioned them before for If I Stay), have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I would like to know if the person (or people) who gave us this, have read the Twilight saga and these two novels! I sincerely think not. Because otherwise this comparison would never have occurred to them!

Just because Twilight is a worldwide hit doesn’t mean that just printing “Twilight” on the cover will, with a wave of a magic wand, make the novel sell so well. It would be great for publishers and authors, but it doesn’t work that way. at least not in our reality … with Care Bears maybe!