George R. R. Martin – Wild Cards Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Wild Cards 1 Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Wild Cards Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – Wild Cards Audiobook

Selfish superheroes, an alien virus and a werewolf Mick Jagger. After Game of Thrones, it’s a whole other universe created by George R. R. Martin which will be adapted on small screen. Short presentation.
The origins of Wild Cards
Wild Cards was born nine years before Game of Thrones. Inspired by a superheroic role-playing game, George R. R. Martin decided, in 1987, to launch with a few friends a collection of science fiction short stories. Over the past thirty years, the author of the Iron Throne, who coordinates and publishes the collection, has brought together around twenty SF authors such as Roger Zelazny (The Cycle of the Amber Princes), Lewis Shiner (The Sins of our fathers), Melinda M. Snodgrass (Circuit), or Victor Milán (War and Dinosaurs). The anthology is today made up of 23 short stories, all rooted in the same universe. George R. R. Martin – Wild Cards Audiobook .An ideal and extra-large playground for George R. R. Martin, who has therefore just announced the adaptation of this news to a TV series.

What is it about?

No knights or crazy kings in Wild Cards. The story of the first volume takes place in an alternate historical reality, in post-World War II America. An extraterrestrial virus, called Wild Cards, was spread over New York in 1946. 90% of the population died instantly. 9% of the survivors undergo deep deformations – they are called the Joker (nothing to do with Batman). The remaining 1% develops superhuman powers thanks to the virus – these are the Aces. While the Aces thrive among the survivors, the Jokers, reduced to living in ghettos, try to have their rights recognized.
Unlike Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin – Wild Cards Audiobook the saga also reveals very real characters whose fate has changed somewhat. Mick Jagger is a werewolf, Fidel Castro a baseball player, Senator McCarthy launches his witch hunt against Aces … Wild Cards offers a total rewriting of history with the same characters.
Who are the main characters?

Wild Cards brings out a host of stranger heroes than the others. Fortunato, a tantric magician, feeds his psychic and telepathic powers thanks to sexual energy (no drawing is done). The Sleeper, on the other hand, changes every night at bedtime and wakes up each morning with a new appearance and new powers. He is sometimes a powerful Ace, sometimes a pathetic Joker, and does not hesitate to sell his Ace services to make money. His addiction to amphetamines sometimes makes him very violent. We also meet the Astronomer, devilish magician and revenge, Black Eagle, endowed with levitation powers, and Brain Trust, capable of absorbing the spirit of others and duplicating it.
Who will we see in the series?

George R. R. Martin has already stated that the Sleeper would most certainly appear in Wild Cards. The Astronomer, Black Eagle and Brain Trust could also be part of the team. The cast has not yet been announced. But the writer of Game of Thrones hinted that he would point the tip of his beard on the screen …
What is the difference with the usual superheroes?

The saga overseen by George R. R. Martin evolves between superheroic genre and science fiction. We could think of X-Men, but Wild Cards is closer to Alan Moore’s Watchmen series. Goodbye to superhero costumes, the fight against crime and the rescue of damsels in distress. Most of the time, the famous Aces use their powers to serve their own interests. Many seek glory and wealth. Dark, realistic and not really indestructible, these superheroes often oscillate between good and evil. They all have vices that the authors do not hesitate to highlight. Sex, drugs, violence … Not so far from Game of Thrones, finally!


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