Terry Pratchett Wings Audiobook

Terry Pratchett Wings The Bromeliad Trilogy 3 (Unabridged) Audiobook

Terry Pratchett Wings Audiobook
Terry Pratchett Wings Audiobook

The third and last part of this saga of “The Exodus of the Gnomes” is perhaps the most fun and exciting of the three, all being generally quite entertaining and endearing. Terry Pratchett Wings Audiobook .

The truth is that they are very enjoyable to read and with a tone for all audiences as well as funny and thoughtful. I found it very well written, well structured and with several literary resources by the author very well brought. Furthermore, the puns and jokes in this sense are quite ingenious and the translator Hernán Sabaté Vargas makes good reference to them in his notes.

The story told here runs almost parallel to what happened in the previous book, Diggers, having a couple of very interesting twists that, without being very surprising, end the saga that satisfies the reader.

I will miss characters like Masklin, Cosa, Grimma, the Abbot … What great innocent reflections and at the same time so deep come from their innocence and sincerity. This book is like looking through a mirror to portray our evolutionary thinking and society. What a good time he has put me through.

Two notes:

1. Thing is, today, perfectly identifiable as a transcript of artificial intelligence with the Internet, quite ahead of its time and totally recognizable today, but that in the nineties it would not be so much.

2. What memories has brought me this saga of the great role-playing mini-campaign by Albert Estrada Zambrano, published by Nosolorol: The Secret of the Nimblekins. If you like role-playing games and have loved this gnome saga and its message, you cannot miss the experience of playing it. The background is much more stark and cruel, but without separating itself from the innocence with which the nimblekins contemplate the world around them.

An adventure trilogy, with a setting for children and satire for adults.

Pratchett, author known for creating books in which a trunk with many legs and teeth comes out, offers us a trilogy consisting of three short novels about the history of some nomos who live on Earth and who live life at a different rate than ours .

The first novel is, roughly speaking, an introduction to nomos psychology, how they understand the world and how they operate in it. The next two are, at the same time, the continuation and end of the story. Although there must be another novel about nomos. That’s what Terry said.

Our nomos are small creatures that live time in different parameters than ours. One of our lives is several generations of nomes. And on this premise, Terry, shows us how the nomos understand, live and generate a culture around the cyclical customs of humans. This part is heavily laden with satire. There are religious and ideological wars arising from seasonal human customs and advertising slogans. Customs rooted in nomic society that have lost their meaning and meaning after generations repeating a ritual that made sense long ago.

And that is what we are going to find. Soft English humor and satire. Everything in a very white tone. You go through the novel thinking that it is a children’s novel, except for the criticism of irrational ideologies.

The characters are very archetypal children’s adventure book characters. They are nice, but they are still clichés. Terry had no intention of giving them more depth than necessary. Overall, the idea is a “what if …” that works out as only an English humorist and writer can do.

Terry addicts are going to love it. It is the most elegantly cool and acidic Pratchett novel of all I have read. You know what Pratchett is in many running gags he uses in this and other novels. To those who do not know Pratchett. Uff, how difficult. It is an easy-to-read novel, with simple language, the story is good, the script is not for jumping, and the pace is a little slow for adventure. Terry Pratchett Wings Audiobook .

In short: Recommended if you like satirical social criticism, English humor or the fantastic adventure genre and you can excuse the naive and childish tone that the author has used.