Marissa Meyer – Winter Audiobook

Marissa Meyer – Winter Audiobook

Winter Audiobook – By Marissa Meyer

The last volume … and always the same apprehension each time. But I was still hopeful because so far the volumes had been carried out brilliantly and it must be said Winter is a hell of a stone (we could knock someone out with it, clearly!). suddenly, I said to myself that it would be strange not to have a “maintenance” in the narrative level and that given the thickness of the novel, Marissa Meyer had had the time and the material to end her saga as she wished. .

We are therefore at the dawn of the revolution about which we have been told since the first volume of the Lunar Chronicles. The excitement is there, will our heroes succeed, who will be sacrificed, will we be entitled to happy-endings (because yes, we still have four couples at stake in this whole story), will Levana be wiped out for good …? A lot of questions, a desire to know what is going to happen and an urgent need for action. And there, the first small defect. the volume is long. Certainly there is material that has been exploited and it is well exploited, but pfff… I admit that I was wondering when things would end up moving. There is a rather long “preparation”, then a lot of small events which delay the deadline. Marissa Meyer – Winter Audiobook.

I was not bored either, but I had this feeling of “when am I going to finish this volume?” “, You see what I mean ? It’s not said too negatively because I love the Lunar Chronicles universe, and there are no less than ten main characters to deal with separately, so no small feat. This effect is also amplified by the fact that we attend separations, then reunions every two or three chapters (I exaggerate a little but not far). It’s anxiety-provoking, on the one hand, and you have the impression to see the characters juggling so many different situations that it makes you dizzy. There is therefore action, but quite stifled by this dynamic.

But, I also liked this effect, in the sense that it was clear that our heroes could not be constantly together. Everyone has their mission to accomplish in order for their plan to succeed, and of course, there are quite a few enemy setbacks as well. It also allows us to take advantage of each of the characters, not to see them as a single entity. suddenly, they gain in depth and a whole new dynamic is set up. The ties that unite them are strengthened by the separations. We realize just like our heroes that they have become true friends, while nothing foretells it, they form this dysfunctional and adorable little family that we hold our breath because, no, definitely no, we don’t want to not that anything happens to them.

The story therefore evolves slowly. I didn’t necessarily find that there was a plan, more of a “we go in” effect, but as and when subtleties appear. We also see how our heroes adapt to delicate situations that put a brake on their objective. The links between the characters are strengthened, we also learn a lot more about the lunar system with this Capitol effect in Hunger Games. Levana also takes on a whole new dimension. You learn enough to understand her, to see the madness behind her actions. I don’t like her in the least, but unlike Aimery, for example, who is a loathsome, violent, despicable, and evil being, the Moon Queen has this more subtle “wicked” side. She was not born like that, there is a process behind it. She is completely psychotic but I like to think that if she had lived in a loving family, she would have become a whole different person. Which is not the case with Aimery in my opinion. We are thus entitled to all these little nuances which enrich the universe of Chronicles. There is always this morality, this desire to do well, but also the acts that one is obliged to do in spite of oneself, the selfish and sometimes horrible decisions, the sacrifices which are inevitable. I was talking about The Hunger Games a little earlier, and the comparison can still be applied at this level, even if for me, the Lunar Chronicles remain less violent more in the spirit of the tales with a fictionalized part. We are witnessing a war. A war that reveals the worst as well as the best of all.

I’m not going to have fun talking about each of the characters, because we would not end, but to make a global turn, each continues to evolve. in a very pleasant way, we feel that these are characters who are successful, who have taken on all the scope they could. They prove themselves worthy of what we have been able to discover of them. I also greatly appreciated the fact that Marissa Meyer goes to the end of relationships between different couples. There are very tender and adorable scenes, full of compassion and acceptance. Again, all four novels convey very good messages with a positivity that I appreciate. Marissa Meyer – Winter Audiobook.

The “final” fight was up to the task, even if it was delayed. I loved that everyone takes their destiny in hand, not letting themselves be carried away by events. There is anguish, a palpable energy, twists and turns, suspense. In short, the long-awaited moment was worth it. And the icing on the cake, the author does not end the novel with this fight, no, she offers us a nice part “after”. I’m not hiding it, I love it. For me, knowing what happens to the characters is very important. And even if of course, there is an element of imagination vis-à-vis the future of survivors, I closed the novel with peace of mind. I will jump on the short story which chronicles the events after the war, but even without that I find the Chronicles to come to a very satisfactory conclusion.

A saga that I can therefore only recommend, and which will remain in my favorites. I believe that the author has started a new saga on the same principle (with Alice, if I’m still not mistaken), and I admit that I am really looking forward to discovering it!