R. J. Palacio – Wonder Audiobook

R. J. Palacio – Wonder Audiobook

Wonder Audiobook – By R. J. Palacio

Wonder is a book that got so much attention on the blogosphere that I couldn’t help but buy it at the first chance I had. The cover was simple, yet enigmatic, and at the mere sight of the summary, I was moved. I was sure and certain that I would like this reading.

This novel could have told the story of a common little boy, who is entering college for the first time, who makes new friends (and at the same time, enemies), with a loving and caring family surrounding him. … Yes but here it is, August (more familiarly known as Auggie), is not a little boy like the others. Auggie was born with very significant facial deformities, which distorts his entire face. How will this little boy of barely 10 years old be able to cope with the mockery of young people of his age and the stares of passers-by in the street?

I was amazed and at the same time shocked to discover Auggie’s body type. His malformation is clearly described, but it is impossible for me to represent it to me in real life, on the face of a human being. As he says himself in the book “whatever you imagine, it’s probably worse” … It must be said, this little sentence causes chills. Even though the performance was not completely realistic in my mind, the pain and great grief that Auggit felt over the looks of others touched me.

I understood his terror, this deep contempt he has for passers-by, who look at him as if they pity him. To be ogled all day long as a monster, a beast, should not be easy to live with. besides, Auggie is young, very young, and he is almost the only one to feel this horrible suffering. Certain passages of the novel have me even more upset than others, in particular the moment when his younger sister, Via, tries to keep him away from his new life as a high school student … we can see at this point, that ‘she is ashamed of her brother … but yet, what does she love him!

Shunned by all, rejected for his difference, he will try to go beyond and fight for what he really is. A battle that he will have to face on a daily basis, and from which he is sure to never be fully recovered. The difference is luck, and Auggie proved it to us.

With infinite delicacy, RJ Palacio gently reveals the adventures and events of Auggie’s sad life.

One of the major positive points, which I really appreciated, was the different parts of the novel, which are divided according to the characters. Each part, we discover a new character in the story, and we can also follow him, discover his opinion on the main plot, therefore on the story of Auggie. A very good idea, which charmed me.

But that’s not all that charmed me. This novel has succeeded in moving me. I sympathized with Auggie’s pain, the fears of parents, the support of friends, the pity of people … Even though the world won’t change anytime soon, this book is a renewed optimism, and at the same time, an accusing weight against all.

The author shows us how our selfishness and curiosity can hurt others. Solidarity is one of the best qualities there can be on Earth. Unfortunately, it becomes scarce over the years …

To conclude, I would say that I would not be surprised to find this book one day adapted to the cinema. He is so moving, original and out of the ordinary, that every time, he would make everyone who went to see him cry.