Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens Audiobook

Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens Audiobook

Sapiens Audiobook – By Yuval Noah Harari



What a challenge !! This young professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem undertakes here to tell us the crazy history of humanity, from the time of hunter-gatherers to bionic men who no doubt arrive at a near horizon!

The first question addressed here is why humans have become such a successful species. Initially it was far from being intended to end up at the top of the ladder. According to the author, it is man’s ability to create myths and fiction (Americans would say “story-telling”) which has been of a nature to unite humans around a common project.

It is this belief in fictions which also makes it possible to develop the economy and to grant credit, which allowed the explosion of knowledge and the conquest of the world by Europeans from the Renaissance.

The book Sapiens leads us to reconsider questions that have long been burning: how did the supremacy of a group come about? How Europe imposed itself and imposed its system of values ​​and thought, how and why women have been dominated by men for so long. How were empires born, why was the builders of the British Empire given more credit than the builders of the French Empire. Crucial episodes like Law’s famous bankruptcy of 1719 are presented in a new light.

The author has the genius to put things in perspective.

It is a dynamic and philosophical history that takes place here.

The outlook is also intelligently developed.

What will be the place of Man when he can become a quasi-god with the advent of nanotechnologies which will allow him to live longer, much longer ..?

The author has the audacity to give in to the “politically incorrect” and that is what makes his book so powerful.

Examples: the empire is a political system that has good sides, a guarantee of stability and development of science. capitalism is presented here almost as a religion rather than as an economic theory.

The treatment of domestic animals is presented as one of the great crimes of humanity.

THE Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens Audiobook was inspired by Jared Diamond’s work “On Inequality in Societies”. We owe Jared Diamond the famous “Collapse of Civilizations”.

This means that the masterful work of Yuval Noah Harari is in the same vein, of these works which make us think about our place in the Universe.

The language is accessible to all. It is extraordinarily clear.

It has every chance of becoming a reference work.